Classification of Employees

There are four main classifications of employees at Jackson State: Faculty, Administrative, Classified, and Student Employees.


All faculty members who hold academic rank, and who are directly engaged in instruction, departmental research, or public service. Faculty may be employed either on a nine-month service basis (academic year), compensated over a twelve-month period, or on a twelve- month service basis (fiscal year), compensated over a twelve-month period. Faculty members also consist of part-time members (adjuncts), who work on an as needed basis.


All personnel, other than personnel primarily employed in instruction, research, or public service, who primarily have executive, administrative, or professional responsibilities, and whose positions require recognized professional achievement acquired by formal training or equivalent experience.


Clerical and support personnel other than academic, administrative, or student personnel.

Student Employees

All personnel whose primary purpose for being at JSCC is to be enrolled in an academic program of the institution or school. Student employees are temporary employees. 

Students seeking temporary work at Jackson State should contact one of the following: