Workforce Development Director

This is a non-tenured administrative staff position responsible for directing the operations of the Workforce Development services in accordance with guidelines established by Jackson State Community College and the Tennessee Board of Regents.  This position oversees the day-to day- activities for the Workforce Development program including fiscal and budget management, personnel and resource assignments, strategically assess needs and develops, delivers and evaluates non-credit, contract and open enrollment educational services tailored to meet the needs of the West Tennessee business community and contributes to the economic viability of the College.  This position is an exempt (salaried) position. The skill level starts at $57,176 annually.


  1. Assist in providing vision and direction for the Business & Industry Division’s economic development plan, including:
    • Understanding and monitoring local and regional economic development issues and program;
    • Promoting College and Workforce Development services to economic development groups, chamber of commerce, state, city and county officials as well as business and industry financial
  2. Identify and call on members of the West Tennessee business community to:
    • Assess their education and training needs
    • Direct the development of training curriculums;
    • Identify and schedule qualified adjunct instructors and or consultants to deliver necessary educational services either through contract or open enrollment formats;
    • Evaluate the effectiveness of services provided by the training programs including curriculum and instruction
  3. Develop and maintain continuing client relationships with business industry decision-makers that result in service contracts and build client loyalty to the College
  4. Maintain accurate and detailed records pertaining to all clients and education and training services provided that meets the College, Tennessee Board of Regents, and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) regulatory requirements
  5. Prepare and administer budgets for contract and open-enrollment activities to include monitoring of cost data and program activities and services to maximize financial benefit to both the College and the client;
  6. Advise the Dean of Business & Industry on significant matters and support the College leadership and management to achieve College goals and objectives.


  1. Within the Unit:
    • The position officially reports to and operates under the general direction of the Dean of Business & Industry
    • The position directly supervises the full time staff and all adjunct personnel affiliated with contract and open enrollment Workforce Development programs and the Small Business Development Center.
  2. Outside the Unit:
    • The position must relate effectively with the College administration team, deans, faculty and staff.


  1. General:          
    • The position ensures the successful development and conduct of all Workforce Development program and activities.
    • The position ensures that courses and services provided are of the highest quality and meet the goals and objective established by the Business & Industry division at JSCC.
    • The position responsible for ensuring the Jackson State Workforce Development program has a significant positive impact on the workforce and industrial climate of West Tennessee.
  2. Fiscal:
    • The position is responsible for managing operating budgets appropriate to meet the Workforce Development training needs.
    • The position is responsible for aiding in securing grant funding opportunities, obtaining, and using funds from many sources including partners, state and federal agencies, foundations, companies, associations and other educational institutions.


  1. Managerial/Professional Requirements:
    • A degree in a manufacturing related field, such as Engineering or Business
    • 5 years significant training experience in a manufacturing/industrial/business environment to include accessing training needs and utilizing gap analysis, contract and negotiation, facilitating programs and evaluating and analyzing return on investments
    • Demonstrated ability in budget management, with increasing fiscal responsibility and accountability.
    • High level of computer proficiency utilizing Microsoft programs and student management systems.
  2. Human Relations Skills Requirement:
    • Strong human relations skills and knowledge necessary to deal effective with internal staff, partners and a wide variety of diverse groups from industry, academia, government and the community
    • Ability to project image of excellence, professionalism and stability for himself/herself at Jackson State Community College and its partners
  3. Problem-Solving Skills Requirement:
    • Ability to think clearly and quickly in reacting to situations and conditions arising both inside and outside the division, keeping in mind the missions/goals/wishes of a variety of diverse groups which support the Workforce Development program.