At Jackson State, our knowledgeable biology faculty and staff will prepare you for a career in the biological or health sciences.  Some of our students choose to pursue an Associates of Science degree in Biology.  A diversity of faculty interests ensure students have proper mentoring and advisement on their careers in Biology.  An Associates of Science in Biology allows our students to continue their education in fields of cell/molecular biology, ecology/field sciences, or microbiology at a four year institution.  Others may choose careers in a medical field such as dentistry, physical therapy, pharmacy, or any number of specialized careers in medicine.  For a listing of Tennessee Board of Regents four year institutions, see links below.

In addition to training future biologists, our Biology faculty educate Nursing and Allied Health students in the subject of Human Anatomy and Physiology.  We are committed to a student’s full understanding of the human body and acknowledge it to be crucial for student success.  Click on these links for more information about the Jackson State Nursing Program or Allied Health Programs.


Other schools in West Tennessee offering biology degrees include the University of Tennessee at MartinBethel College, Lane College, Freed Hardeman University, and Union University. Students may be required to take additional courses at these colleges before becoming a junior.



Accreditation Information

Jackson State Community College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.