IA Outreach


Collaborative Efforts with Business, Industry, Government and the Local Community

Jackson State Community College has a very successful Information Assurance program that has received accolades from many in local, state and federal government agencies along with strong business, industry and community support. Several agencies have written letters of recognition and support for our IA initiatives including the State of Tennessee Office of Homeland Security, Jackson Energy Authority, The City of Jackson and several others. Many of these organizations or agencies have offered support by providing internships for the IA students. Some have been guest speakers on campus and at cyber security events that Jackson State has sponsored.

Here are several links to letters from those who have had direct contact with the IA program at Jackson State Community College:

City of Jackson

Jackson Energy Authority

Jackson Madison County School System

Shelby County Schools

State of Tennessee Office of Homeland Security

The Star Center

University of Memphis

It was noted in Section 3.c. that Jackson State Community College has offered 16 professional development workshops for college faculty across the state of Tennessee over the past four years. These are 30 to 40 hour workshops that address Principles of Information Assurance, Network Security, Enterprise Security Management, Secure E-Commerce, Digital Forensics and Automation and Control Device Security. The major funding source for these workshops came from CSEC’s NSF ATE Grant. In October of 2009, CSEC’s was awarded a new $2.7 million NSF ATE Grant (See the grant award press release presentation). Dr. Thomas Pigg, Professor and Director of the Tennessee CSEC, assisted in the preparation of the new grant proposal as co-PI. Part of the process was to determine the level of need for cyber security/information assurance education in Tennessee.

Here are several letters that were written by business, industry and higher education entities that support the need for quality information assurance education:


Coleman Industries

Dyersburg State Community College

Federal Express

Jackson State Community College

Southwest Tennessee Community College

Walters State Community College 

The Computer Information Systems faculty have sponsored several “open house” type events for the local community that have focused on cyber security and digital forensics. Jackson State students and faculty setup displays, demonstrated a variety cyber security tools and techniques and made presentations that focused on cyber security awareness, and information assurance educational and career opportunities. The first open house was held during the Fall Semester of 2008 and the second one was hosted in the Spring Semester of 2010. The College plans to host another open house/seminar for the community during the Spring 2012 Semester.

Here are links to a couple of presentations that were used that focused on what educational opportunities Jackson State Community College has to offer from its CIS program:

2008 Fall Semester Open House Sample Presentation

2010 Spring Semester Open House Sample Presentation

As mentioned in Section 3.c., in the June 2010, Jackson State hosted a workshop for high school faculty and students that focused on special Cisco topics including cyber security. The majority of the two-day event was dedicated to hands-on lab activities relating to router and switch configuration as it relates to cyber security. This was a very unique workshop because both high school faculty and students worked together on the lab activities.