Nursing Frequently Asked Questions

student with simulatorNote: These FAQs are provided for information purposes only, and do not replace academic advisement. The Program holds information sessions throughout the year; dates are posted at To schedule an individual advising appointment, call (731) 425-2622. Please be aware that changes in admissions, enrollment, and curriculum requirements may occur. Be sure to carefully review the Nursing Program Application Packet for the most up to date information.

College Admissions

I declared Pre-Nursing as my major on the college application; do I still have to submit a Nursing Program application?
Yes. In addition to the JSCC application, students must also complete a separate Nursing Program application and submit it to the Nursing Division Office, Room 137 of the McWherter Center, by the appropriate deadline.

Do I have to be enrolled and taking classes at JSCC before I apply to the Nursing Program?
No. Applicants are required to complete the JSCC admissions process to become a fully admitted student for the term in which they intend to begin the Nursing Program.

I have been to college before. Do I have to submit my high school transcript?
Yes. Unless a student has previously received a college degree, they must submit an official high school transcript to the JSCC Admissions and Records Services.

Do I send my transcripts to the Nursing Program Office?
No. Official copies of all transcripts must be sent to the JSCC Admissions and Records Services.

I have been to several colleges. Does JSCC need a transcript from each of the colleges I have attended?
Yes. JSCC requires an official undergraduate transcript from each school that the student has attended even if they did not complete the term. An official transcript is one sent from the college you attended directly to the JSCC Admissions and Records Services and is marked with an official seal or signature. Transcripts issued to students cannot be accepted.

I requested transcripts to be sent to JSCC, but I am not sure they will arrive by the application deadline. Will the Nursing Program accept them late?
No. It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that all required materials are received by the appropriate application deadline. Contact the JSCC Admissions and Records Services to determine if your transcripts have been received.

Learning Support Classes

I am currently taking Learning Support courses. If I am unable to finish them by the application deadline, can my nursing application still be considered?
No. At this time, all reading, writing and math learning support requirements must be completed before applying to the nursing program. The college is in the process of revising the delivery of learning support courses beginning Fall of 2015 such that they may be taken concurrently with the corresponding college level course. To insure that you are adequately prepared for nursing courses, you must be eligible to take each of the Required General Education courses and the MATH 1530 elective without any additional learning support requirements or remediation to be qualified for admission to the nursing program.

Nursing Admissions/Eligibility

Does the Nursing Program accept applications after the deadline specified on the application?
No. Applications are not accepted after the deadline, but students may apply for a subsequent class. For, example if a student misses the deadline for the fall, they may still apply for spring admission.

Where do I submit my application?
Applications may either be mailed* or hand delivered to:

Jackson State Community College
Nursing Division, MC 137
2046 N. Parkway
Jackson, TN 38301

*Mailed applications must be postmarked by the appropriate application deadline.

Can I fax my application?
No. The Nursing Program does not accept faxed applications.

What is the application deadline?
The Nursing Program accepts applications twice a year for the 2-year traditional program. February 1st is the application deadline for the fall class and June 15th is the application deadline for the spring class. (Please be aware that deadlines are subject to change and are listed on the Nursing Application Packet.)

Will I be contacted if my application is incomplete?
No. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that all application requirements and materials have been accurately completed and submitted by the appropriate application deadline. Check to be sure that every question on the application has been answered prior to submission.


Do I have to take the ACT?
Yes. Because the ACT is the Nursing Program entrance exam, all applicants - regardless of academic background or work experience - must take the ACT if they have not already done so within five years of the application deadline.

What do I have to score on the ACT to be eligible?
There is no minimum ACT score that students must achieve in order to be eligible to apply. Applicants are evaluated using a point system. Points are awarded based on ACT scores in Reading, Science Reasoning, and Math sections. For full details on the point system, please see the current application packet.

How do I sign up for the ACT?
National Test: Go to When scheduling your ACT, please keep in mind that test scores take an average of three weeks to be received by JSCC and students must indicate that they want JSCC to receive scores when registering for the test. Students may take the national ACT multiple times as long as scores are received by the appropriate application deadline.

Residual Test: JSCC administers the residual ACT, which is the same test, but the scores are only reported and can only be used at JSCC. Contact the JSCC Assessment Center to register before the application deadline. Please note that students can only take ONE residual ACT per application cycle.

Does it matter whether I take the national ACT or the residual ACT for JSCC Nursing Program admissions purposes?
No. Both exams are acceptable for the JSCC Nursing Program. If you take the national ACT, contact the JSCC Admissions and Records Services to be sure that your scores have been received by the appropriate application deadline. The residual ACT is given on campus; test scores are sent to the Nursing Division Office.

Grade Point Average

Is there a minimum GPA required for Nursing Program admissions?
Yes. You must have a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA by the application deadline.

How is my cumulative GPA calculated?
A cumulative GPA will be calculated based on all undergraduate college-level courses taken at all colleges or universities that you have attended. Your high school GPA will only be used if you have never enrolled in college.

Will my JSCC transcript show my cumulative GPA if I have transfer coursework?
No. A JSCC transcript only reflects the student's JSCC GPA. The Nursing Program calculates cumulative GPAs using all college transcripts.

I am not sure if I have a 2.5 GPA, can someone evaluate my transcripts for me?
Yes. If a student would like to have their transcripts evaluated, call to set up an appointment with the Nursing Admissions Director. Be sure to bring copies of all college transcripts to the appointment.

Previous Nursing Students

If I have been in another Nursing program and either failed or withdrawn from two nursing classes, does that affect my eligibility?
Maybe. Applicants with grades of D, F, or W in another collegiate-level nursing program may be eligible for admission if the grades were earned in only one term and the applicant’s eligibility to return to re-enroll in the nursing program in which these grades were earned can be verified. If an applicant has earned grades of D, F, or W during more than one term of another collegiate-level nursing program they are ineligible for admission unless: 1.) Academic Fresh Start status has been granted prior to the application deadline and 2.) verification that all previously earned nursing course grades of D, F, or W were unrelated to student clinical performance is obtained. Academic Fresh Start status does not negate a record of nursing program dismissal due to clinical performance or academic misconduct. Students with degrees are not eligible for Academic Fresh Start. Students with degrees are not eligible for Academic Fresh Start. If an applicant needs to discuss Academic Fresh Start, please call to set up an appointment.

I have been in another Nursing program, but have not failed or withdrawn from any of my classes. Will my nursing classes transfer?
Maybe. The student must first submit a Nursing Program application, meet all eligibility criteria, and be accepted into the Nursing Program. Once you have been accepted, the student wishing to transfer nursing coursework must submit a written request along with copies of transcripts, course syllabi, and course descriptions for review. The Program Education Coordinator and the Nursing Curriculum Committee will evaluate the nursing courses to determine eligibility for transfer/substitution in the Nursing Program.

General Education Classes

Do I have to complete all the general education classes before applying to the Nursing Program?
No. While students often choose to complete general education courses before applying to the nursing program, they may also be completed alongside the nursing courses. The only exception is BIOL 2010, which must be completed with a grade of C or above prior to enrolling in the first nursing course. Due to the demands and time required in nursing, faculty encourage applicants who must work or have other time-consuming responsibilities to complete as many of the required general education classes as possible prior to entering the Nursing Program.

Is Anatomy and Physiology I required to be admitted to the JSCC Nursing Program?
No. Completion of BIOL 2010, Anatomy and Physiology I is not required prior to applying to the nursing program. However, if students who have not completed BIOL 2010, Anatomy and Physiology I are selected for admission, enrollment will be contingent upon completion of this course with a grade of C or above prior to enrolling in the first nursing course.

If I have all my general education classes completed prior to starting the nursing program can I finish it in less than 2 years?
No. Nursing courses are sequenced in a specific way to ensure the student develops nursing knowledge and skill in a progressive manner. The Nursing Program courses are sequenced over 2 years.

I have taken some of the general education courses at another college. Will those courses transfer and meet the requirements for the nursing program?

Previously completed coursework taken at another institution may be transferable and may substitute for a required course, but must first be evaluated for adequacy in meeting program curriculum requirements.  Do not assume a course completed at another institution will be accepted as a substitute for a required course listed in the nursing curriculum unless the course has already been posted to the JSCC transcript with the exact same rubric (prefix), number, title, and credit hours as the required course listed below.  To have your transfer work evaluated, complete the following process:

  1. If you are not a current JSCC student, apply for admissions to the college.  Request official copies of all undergraduate transcripts.  Once they are received by JSCC Admissions and Records Services, request them  to POST all coursework that may apply to the nursing program.  Once posted, you will be able to view your courses on your JSCC transcript and by using the advising tool, DegreeWorks, found under JWeb Self-Service.
  2. If JSCC Admissions and Record Services has already posted your coursework using an “ELEC” course prefix, you may request a content review of the course to determine eligibility for substitution for one or more of the required courses by submitting a complete Request for Transfer Course Review form to the Nursing Division Office.

Students selected for Program admission will have prior coursework evaluated and be notified of any acceptable course substitutions during the program enrollment process. Once enrolled in the Program the student must enroll in the courses required for the curriculum sequence in which they are enrolled and must complete course requirements at JSCC. Courses taken at other institutions may not be transferred to meet Program requirements after enrollment; students may not enroll at another institution while enrolled in the Program. In all cases, only courses with grades of "C" or above can be used to satisfy nursing program requirements. Upon admission to the Program, all nursing courses must be completed within three years of initiating nursing coursework.


Do I have a better chance of getting accepted if all my general education classes are completed prior to applying?
Maybe. A & P bonus points are awarded if students have successfully completed (grades of C or above) BIOL 2010 Anatomy & Physiology I and/or BIOL 2020 Anatomy & Physiology II (with labs) less than five years prior to Program enrollment. These points contribute to your overall admissions score. See the application for the specific dates A & P courses must have been taken to earn bonus points.

However, no special consideration or bonus points are awarded to applicants for completion of other general education courses.

If I have previous medical work experience, will that help me get accepted?
Maybe. Admission bonus points may be earned if the applicant has been recently working as an LPN, CNA, Paramedic, EMT, Respiratory Therapist, or Certified Clinical Medical Office Assistant in a direct patient care role. Applicants must document that they have completed at least 800 hours of direct patient care service within the past three years and are in good standing with their employer(s). The Healthcare Provider form, found in the application packet, must be completed and submitted with the nursing application in order for the applicant to be considered for these points.

Is there an interview?
No. The JSCC Nursing Program does not interview applicants as part of the admissions process.

Does the Nursing Program keep a waiting list?
No. If a student is not selected, they must reapply for the next admissions term.

Does the Nursing Program accept letters of recommendation?
No. The JSCC Nursing Program does not review letters of recommendation as part of the admissions process.

How will I be notified whether or not I have been accepted?
All applicants will receive a letter notifying them whether or not they were accepted. If a student applies by June 15th, they can expect to receive notification of a decision in August. If a student applies by Feb. 1st, letters will go out in April or early May. We cannot answer questions regarding Nursing Program acceptance over the phone or via email. Applicants who are not selected for admission are encouraged to meet with a nursing advisor to review their score and plan for the subsequent application cycle


Can I set up an advising appointment?
Yes. Call the Nursing Program Office at (731) 425-2622.

Can I audit nursing classes even if I have not been accepted to the nursing program?
No. Only students who have been accepted into the Nursing program may take nursing classes.

How much does the Nursing Program cost?
The cost of the Nursing Program depends upon the current rate of tuition, fees, textbooks, etc. Please check the current application packet for detailed lists of expenses.

I work during the day; can I take the nursing classes online, at night, or on the weekends?
No. Students should be prepared for a Monday through Friday lecture, lab and clinical schedule. Some nursing courses include Saturday and/or evening clinical hours. Course schedules change as the student progresses in the program each semester. Due to varied clinical scheduling, the Nursing Program is unable to provide specific nursing course schedule information to students prior to enrollment in the Program.

Can I take a semester off if I want a break?
Maybe. Students enrolled in the Nursing Program are strongly encouraged to remain enrolled every term and must complete all required courses within the program; students may take up to, but no more than, three years to complete all the required courses.  Not all courses are offered each term so students who do not progress or remain enrolled to complete the prescribed plan of study must request and be granted readmission into the program.

Readmission is not guaranteed so students are advised to meet with the Nursing Admissions Director to discuss and plan any changes.