Criminal Justice Courses

CRMJ 1010 Intro to Criminal JusticeCredit Hrs: 3
Pre-Req: None   Co-Req: None
An overview of the U.S. criminal justice system, with an emphasis on the work of law enforcement, the courts, and the corrections system. Attention is given to the development of criminal law from its roots in English common law, as well as to the career options and opportunities available to those currently working or planning to work in law enforcement or another aspect of criminal justice, such as forensics, corrections or the courts.

CRMJ 1020 Introduction to Legal ProcessCredit Hrs: 3
Pre-Req: READ 0892, ENGL 0892   Co-Req: None
Course is designed to provide an overview and background information on the United States legal process. Content will provide basic terminology, describe and compare predominant legal theories, survey the history of criminal and civil law, review sources of American law, and explore relationships between ethics, the legal system, and society. Current trends and controversies will be briefly discussed.

CRMJ 2010 Intro to Law EnforcementCredit Hrs: 3
Pre-Req: READ 0892, ENGL 0892   Co-Req: None
Course provides an historical overview of law enforcement philosophy and practice in the United States. Organizational structure and operational procedures of local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies are discussed. Limitations on law enforcement processes are highlighted. Current trends in law enforcement including function of law enforcement agencies in a pluralistic, multicultural society are evaluated.

CRMJ 2020 Intro to CorrectionsCredit Hrs: 3
Pre-Req: READ 0892, ENGL 0892   Co-Req: None
Course provides a study of the American correctional system including a review of punishment and correction philosophy, and the history of corrections and correctional institutions and programs. Role of probation and parole is discussed along with current issues and problems.