Psychology Courses

PSY 202 Abnormal PsychologyCredit Hrs: 3
Pre-Req: READ 0892, ENGL 0892    Co-Req: None
This course will serve as an introduction to abnormal psychology. Topics will include an overview of the DSM IV classifications of psychopathology, current understanding of the etiology of mental disorders, and the techniques used to evaluate and treat mental disorders. (This course is no longer required for any program. It will only be used as an elective.)

PSYC 1030 General PsychologyCredit Hrs: 3
Pre-Req: READ 0892, ENGL 0892   Co-Req: None
General Psychology is an introductory survey course which explores the scientific study of human behavior. Topics include: the history of psychology, research methodology, psychobiology, learning, memory, intelligence, motivation, emotion, personality, psychopathology, and psychotherapy

PSYC 2110 Psychology of AdjustmentCredit Hrs: 3
Pre-Req: READ 0892, ENGL 0892   Co-Req: None
Psychology of Adjustment is a course designed to explore psychological health, adaptation, and the application of psychological principles to the challenges of living. Topics include: stress and coping, relationships, interpersonal communication, wellness, self-identity, work, technology and social media, human behavior and the environment, and positive psychology.

PSYC 2120 Social PsychologyCredit Hrs: 3
Pre-Req: READ 0892, ENGL 0892    Co-Req: None
A study of the methods and findings in social psychology with an emphasis on the following areas: conformity, mass communication, propaganda, persuasion, self-justification, human aggression, prejudice, human attraction, and communication.

PSYC 2130 Life Span PsychologyCredit Hrs: 3
Pre-Req: READ 0892, MATH Mods. 1-3, ENGL 0892   Co-Req: None
A course presenting an overview of human growth and development throughout the life-span. The theories of Piaget, Erickson, Bandura, Maslow, and other contemporary theorists are explored, and the data supporting each theory examined. Applications of the data to wide variety of settings is examined and discussed. The course focuses on identifying the processes which either enhance or hinder the physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and verbal development of the individual throughout the life-span.