Sociology Courses

SOCI 1010 Intro to SociologyCredit Hrs: 3
Pre-Req: READ 0892, ENGL 0892   Co-Req: None
A general survey of the fundamental concepts, methods, and theoretical perspectives underlying social relationships.

SOCI 1011 Intro to Criminal JusticeCredit Hrs: 3
Pre-Req: None   Co-Req: None
An overview of the U.S. criminal justice system, with an emphasis on the work of law enforcement, the courts, and the corrections system. Attention is given to the development of criminal law from its roots in English common law, as well as to the career options and opportunities available to those currently working or planning to work in law enforcement or another aspect of criminal justice, such as forensics, corrections or the courts.

SOCI 1020 Social ProblemsCredit Hrs: 3
Pre-Req: READ 0892, ENGL 0892    Co-Req: None
An analysis of current national and global social problems and policies: the magnitude, causes, consequences, and possible solutions to various problems including poverty, racism, sexism, ageism, alcohol and drug abuse, crime, environmentalism, and urbanization.

SOCI 2020 Cultural DiversityCredit Hrs: 3
Pre-Req: READ 0892, ENGL 0892   Co-Req: None
Focuses on the dynamics and consequences of discrimination, economic deprivation and oppression on people of color, women, gay and lesbian persons. Other populations at risk are examined and distinguished by age, ethnicity, culture, class, and physical or mental ability. Exploration of personal and professional beliefs, values, roles and norms of culturally different clients and the use of culture in formulating appropriate intervention.