Avoiding Plagiarism

We know that most students don't plagiarize intentionally. We know that you want credit for the work you did researching sources, and you know that citing sources helps to build your credibility as the author of an essay. Still, all writers make mistakes occasionally, but the best writers follow some simple steps that can help ensure that they don't plagiarize unintentionally. Here are some of those best practices to help you avoid plagiarism and become a better writer!

Taking Effective Notes

Writing Paraphrases or Summaries

Using Direct Quotations

Protecting Your Own Work

The OWL at Purdue has some good advice for students trying to prevent plagiarism of their own work:

"Sometimes innocent, hard-working students are accused of plagiarism because a dishonest student steals their work. This can happen in all kinds of ways, from a roommate copying files off of your computer, to someone finding files on a disk or pen drive left in a computer lab. Here are some practices to keep your own intellectual property safe:

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