The First Day of Class

It is very important that you attend the first day of class. You will meet your professor, who will outline the course and present the requirements of the class in what is called a syllabus. The syllabus will outline the grading scale and how your final grade is calculated as well as list their attendance policy.

Your instructor will also set some of their expectations for the class. Some professors may use the first day for introductions, and others may start course material that day. Either way, it is important that you are there to collect that information. Expect, too, to receive reading assignments on your first day, so you should make plans to get your class text if you haven't already.

Tools of the Trade

The following items are important for any college student. Many items will be essential before classes start. Being prepared earlier will help later.

The first day of class is not too early to start studying. Manage your time wisely - final exams will be here before you know it!