Career Resource Center

We can't tell you what you should do or be... that's your personal decision. What we can do is help you take a look at yourself to help identify your possibilities. Then we can help guide you through information on those options to see which is best for you, at whatever stage of life you are.

The Career Resource Center offers:

Kuder Journey for Adults

Kuder Journey for Adults is specifically for post-secondary schools and adult career changers.  It is designed to guide students through the process of planning for a career, making a career change, or merely making sure a career choice is still on track.  Kuder Journey for Adults is an internet-based assessment that measures students' interests, skills, and work values as well as a great resource to investigate possible career options.  Results are saved to the program and students receive immediate feedback.  Students can access their results and information from any computer with their password.  This assessment is free to all students enrolled in Jackson State Community College.

Career Information
To base your career and college major decision on fact, not assumptions and guesswork. Once you've identified you career options, it's time to gather information about them. The following resources can help you make an educated decision about what is best for you and your future.

The Tennessee Career Information Delivery System (TCIDS)
This site includes a quiz to help you find careers that might be right for you, as well as a quiz to help identify schools that can give you what you need in education. It also has a career information database, and a school/college information database.

Occupational Outlook Handbook
Issued by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this is a great place to get information about what careers there are in general job families and to get specific information about hundreds of jobs, as well as employment projections.

Jobs 4 TN Issued by the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development. Click on "Job Seeker," then click on "Enter Job Seeker" on left. Opens up to sections offering general occupational information, job outlook, employers in the area and links to other Internet sites.

America's Job Bank
Scroll down to the bottom of the screen, click on "Career InfoNet" and then click on "Wages and Trends." This will let you check out the average pay levels and job availability for specific occupations in each state. Where the Occupational Outlook Handbook only gives you national averages, you can find out what the job usually offers in Tennessee, or Alabama, or Maryland, or Florida, et. al.

Can research career information and use Crosswalk to link to DOT codes listed in CareerScope career guidance computer program report.

Company Information - so you can connect with employers by finding out more about the company, what they do, what their mission and goals are, and how they stack up financially, etc. When you contact a company about job opportunities, the key is to show them they are more than just another business on your mailing list. Then when you write your cover letter, show them you understand their company's activities and goals, and show how you can help meet these goals.

Yahoo! Careers