CIS Stakeholder Information

What career fields are available for graduates of this program?

15.1151.00 Computer User Support Specialist
15.1141.00 Database Administrator
15.1131.00 Computer Programmer
15.1122.00 Information Security Analysis

Complete program curriculum and career pathway information:

Curriculum Info for Information Assurance Concentration
Curriculum Info for Networking Concentration
Curriculum Info for PC Support Concentration
Curriculum Info for Software Developer Concentration
Curriculum Info for Information Systems

How long does it take to complete this program?

Assuming enrollment as a full time student and readiness for college level work, the associates of applied science degree can be obtained in four regular college semester terms. See program sequence specifics:

Information Assurance Concentration
Networking Concentration
PC Support Concentration
Software Developer Concentration
Information Systems

Jackson State CIS program graduate numbers:

2009 25
2010 38
2011 39
2012 35
2013 31

Demographics and Statistical information for Jackson State student population "Fast Facts"

Jackson State Fast Facts

How well did JSCC CIS students retain program curriculum information on required career exit exam?

2009 69.40%
2010 71.90%
2011 73.80%
2012 75.62%
2013 76.44%

Note: All graduates required to take comprehensive program exit exam. Scores averaged of 100% available

How much does this complete program cost?

Information Assurance Concentration Costs

Networking Concentration Costs

PC Support Concentration Costs

Software Developer Concentration Costs

What percent of recent program graduates are gainfully employed?

YearEmployment Rate
2009 100.00%
2010 61.00%
2011 60.00%
2012 TBD Spring 2014
2013 TBD Spring 2015

Note: This information is based upon responses to a survey and measured based on THEC standards.