COMPASS Test Dates

FREE Practice tests and other helpful information: and

If you want to study for the COMPASS math test, you may find the following sites helpful: , and In addition, students may pick up a copy of an ACT study guide to practice. The JSCC library has several copies and local high school guidance offices have copies.

Test Site: Report to the Student Center at least 15 minutes prior to the test.

Fee: $20.00 (Fees are nonrefundable and nontransferable)

COMPASS testing is required for first-time degree-seeking students age 21 and older. It is also required for degree seeking students with college work who have not passed a college-level English or math course who started to college after fall, 1985. It assesses your college readiness skills in reading, writing and math.  Outside calculators are allowed on the math test.  Please go to  to verify that yours is permitted.

In order to COMPASS test, your online college admission or readmission application for the term has to be processed and your need for testing verified. Feel free to check on the status of your application by contacting the Admissions Office.

PLEASE FOLLOW STEPS FOR TESTING(No appointment required)

1.  Select a test date below

2.  Arrive 15-20 minutes early to check in at the Student Center J-Hub.  You will present a valid photo ID to them and pay your test fee.  Acceptable forms of ID include a valid driver's license, state or federal photo ID or JSCC ID.

3.  Have a seat and try to relax until someone from the Academic Assistance Center (proctor) comes to get you.  Everyone will be admitted at the same time.

4.  Next, present your test requirement sheet, receipt, and photo identification to the Academic Assistance Center staff.  At this point, ALL CELL PHONES must be completely turned off!

Check with the Lexington, Savannah and Humboldt centers for their testing dates and times.

Appointments must be made at least 24 hours in advance.  Click on this link:

Compass Test Dates

Monday, Nov 03, 201412:00 PM
Tuesday, Nov 04, 201408:30 AM
Tuesday, Nov 04, 201412:00 PM
Wednesday, Nov 05, 201412:00 PM
Thursday, Nov 06, 201408:30 AM
Thursday, Nov 06, 201412:00 PM
Monday, Nov 10, 201412:00 PM
Tuesday, Nov 11, 201408:30 AM
Tuesday, Nov 11, 201412:00 PM
Wednesday, Nov 12, 201412:00 PM
Thursday, Nov 13, 201408:30 AM
Thursday, Nov 13, 201412:00 PM
Monday, Nov 17, 201412:00 PM
Tuesday, Nov 18, 201408:30 AM
Tuesday, Nov 18, 201412:00 PM
Wednesday, Nov 19, 201412:00 PM
Thursday, Nov 20, 201408:30 AM
Thursday, Nov 20, 201412:00 PM
Monday, Dec 01, 201412:00 PM
Tuesday, Dec 02, 201408:30 AM
Tuesday, Dec 02, 201412:00 PM
Wednesday, Dec 03, 201412:00 PM
Thursday, Dec 04, 201408:30 AM
Thursday, Dec 04, 201412:00 PM
Monday, Dec 08, 201412:00 PM
Tuesday, Dec 09, 201408:30 AM
Tuesday, Dec 09, 201412:00 PM
Wednesday, Dec 10, 201412:00 PM
Thursday, Dec 11, 201408:30 AM
Thursday, Dec 11, 201412:00 PM
Monday, Dec 15, 201412:00 PM
Tuesday, Dec 16, 201408:30 AM
Tuesday, Dec 16, 201412:00 PM
Wednesday, Dec 17, 201412:00 PM
Thursday, Dec 18, 201408:30 AM
Thursday, Dec 18, 201412:00 PM

Compass Test Dates for Fast Track

No dates currently listed

Compass Extended Hours

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