Engineering Courses

ENGR 2110 StaticsCredit Hrs: 3
Pre-req.: PHYS 2110   Description: Analysis of two- and three-dimensional for systems, centroids, inertia, equilibrium, machines and frames, beam shear and moments.

ENGR 2120 DynamicsCredit Hrs: 3
Pre-Req: ENGR 2110    Co-Req: None
Particle kinematics, relative motion, kinetics, applications of Newton?s Laws, work-energy principle, impulse-momentum, vibrations.

ENGR 2130 Circuits ICredit Hrs: 4
Pre-req.: MATH 1920;    Co-req.: MATH 2010
Description: An introduction to electric circuit quantities and components, systemic applications of Ohm?s and Kirchoff?s laws, superposition, Thevenin and Norton theorems, operational amplifiers, RL and RC transients and computer circuit simulation.