Graduate Outcomes

  1. Manage evidence-based nursing care in accordance with established standards
    1. Assess and prioritize multi-system client needs
    2. Develop individualized plans of care
    3. Implement safe, culturally- and developmentally-sensitive interventions
    4. Evaluate outcomes and revise care as needed
  2. Communicate effectively to promote and maintain client health and adaptation
    1. Utilize principles of teaching and learning to promote client self-care
    2. Document clear, concise, and relevant data in the client record
    3. Demonstrate critical thinking and clinical decision making skills
  3. Coordinate the care of groups of clients in structured health care settings
    1. Use technology appropriately
    2. Collaborate with other health team members to provide cost-effective, quality care
    3. Delegate and evaluate client care appropriately
  4. Develop professionally within the discipline's legal-ethical framework
    1. Acquire licensure and employment
    2. Assume responsibility for the roles of the Associate Degree Nurse
    3. Demonstrate accountability for own actions and commitment to life-long learning