Part-Time Postal & Printing Clerk

·This is a part-time position that processes all USPS incoming and outgoing mail daily as well as on-campus and department interoffice mail.  This position also processes print orders.  


·Deliver/Pickup mail twice daily to McWherter Building on campus. ··Receive letters and packages.·Maintain records for cost of mail receipts and account information. ·Maintain current postal account numbers and employees.·Sort incoming USPS mail, campus mail, and departmental mail. ·Enter job tickets onto an excel spreadsheet then send to Business Office for Banner Entry.·Process printing work orders.

·Utilize the following equipment:  HQ9000 Digital Color Duplicators, RICOH Pro 1109EX copier, RICOH MPC 6000 SPF color copier, Baum letter folder, Challenge Paper Drill, Duplo 12/24 collator, Bind books with the Rhin-o-tuff heavy duty electric punch, MiniKote laminator, Triumph paper cutter, and Fastback book binder, Connect+ 3000 Mail Machine


·High school diploma or equivalent; knowledge of postal regulations and procedures.


·Good interpersonal and public relations communication skills; ability to effectively communicate using written and verbal skills. ·Proficiency with Microsoft Office applications required.·Ability to perform basic math functions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

·Reasoning ability is required to manage and process mail and print orders.  Be knowledgeable with policies, procedures, guidelines, and regulations set forth by JSCC and TBR.


$9.00 per hour

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·Ideally this position is staffed from 9-2:30 daily, Monday-Friday, for a total of 25 hours per week.

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