Campus Police Officer

The police officer is responsible for maintaining a safe learning environment, protecting the assets and interest of the institution, and enforcing policy and regulations. Officer performs a variety of police duties in patrolling assigned area on foot or in campus car to detect crime and to arrest violators; patrolling parking lots and college buildings to ensure security and safety.


Patrol the campus by foot, or motor vehicle.

Responsible for traffic control and enforcement.

Checks doors and locks and responds to lockouts.

Investigate suspected crimes, reporting findings, and arresting suspected individuals.

Investigate accidents involving persons or property, reports probably cause of accidents, and pursues appropriate course of action.

Ensure that all incidents and arrest activities are properly documented.

Make arrests and testifies in court of legal proceedings.

Ability to proficiently operate law enforcement equipment (including lethal and non-lethal weapons necessary in the performance of required duties.)

Keep records and prepares reports (offense, arrest, fire system, emergency phones, alarm systems, and mechanical equipment.)

Provide escorts and/or make bank deposits or special mail deliveries.

Support the mission of the Campus Police Department and that of the college.

Ability to work collaboratively with a diverse population of faculty, staff, and student.

Perform other duties as assigned.


High school diploma or equivalent.

Meet the requirements of TCA 38-8-106 Qualification of Police Officers.

Meet the requirements of a Certified Police Officer per TCA 38-8-107.

Ability to react quickly and calmly in emergency situations and to determine proper course of action.

Must be able to obtain a commission through the Jackson Police Department.

Must be Tennessee POST (Peace Office Standard & Training) Certified or have a law enforcement certification recognized and accepted by the POST Commission of TN.

Possess a valid Tennessee Driver’s License.


Strong interpersonal and public relations communication skills; ability to effectively communicate using written and verbal skills.

Basic computer proficiency is required.

Reasoning ability required in assessing best course of action for security or emergency situations. Requires knowledge of security policies and procedures.

Ability to ascertain facts by personal conduct, observation, and the evaluation of records.

Ability to explain and interpret pertinent provisions of laws, ordinances, and regulations.

Ability to enforce laws firmly and with respect for the rights of others.

Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions.

Excellent skills in dealing with the public are required. Quick situational thinking is often required. Must be able to maintain professionalism at all times. Must be able to exercise ethics and maintain confidentiality.



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Working conditions require ability to walk, lift, and handle mental stressors on a daily basis.

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