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MENTAL HEALTH COUNSELING CENTERS:  Sometimes we just need someone to talk to. Jackson State offers brief counseling services free to currently enrolled students. The Counseling Office is in Room 133 of the Student Center and staff accept walk-ins and appointments.

If more help is needed, the community offers both public and private services. The link below lists agencies and organizations you may contact. This is a general list of offices covering the Jackson State service area. We do not recommend any providers, but make this information available for those seeking services:

 Area Mental Health Counseling Centers

Remember, students are responsible for the cost of their own care. As a result, you are urged to consider your options wisely when deciding about therapeutic services, including checking the license and scope of practice of the service provider. When seeking a counselor, you will want to check on insurance coverage and costs. Many insurance carriers require referrals, and lack of a referral may prevent insurance paying for services. There often is an annual limit on insurance payments for mental health services.

In some cases, a client *MUST* be a resident of the county/area in order to qualify for services at a community mental health center. A fee/deposit may be required up front in both private and community centers. Full payment may be expected, or partial payment with a promissory agreement to pay what insurance/state does not cover. Services are by appointment. A person usually is assigned a counselor-therapist at the first visit.

Mental Health Online Screening:

Free for JSCC students; password: jscc. Screenings available for Depression, Alcohol Abuse, Bipolar Disorder, Eating Disorders, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Tennessee Suicide Hotline:


Great resources free to JSCC students to help you work on a personal budget, debt recovery, paying for college, and the best ways to handle your money.

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Jackson-Madison County Anti-Drug Coalition:

This local Coalition works to educate the public and support parents with resources to stop abuse of alcohol, illegal and prescription drugs, and tobacco.