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May 26, 2014

Groundbreaking Ceremony to be Held for New Nursing Facility

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The groundbreaking ceremony for the new nursing facility will be held Tuesday, June 3 at 11 a.m. on the parking lot to the east of the student union building. This is a momentous event in the history of Jackson State Community College that has been planned for over 15 years now. Construction will also mark the beginning of a visible transformation of the campus.

The basic footprint of Jackson State has remained relatively unchanged since it was first established. There have been expansions such as the McWherter Center in the 1990s that have changed the landscape and the way the college serves its students, but the core campus is still very recognizable to anyone who has ever gone to school here.

The parking lot to the east of the Student Union Building and in front of the Science Building will be the location of this expansion. This will create a new plaza between the Science Building and the newly constructed Nursing Building. This plaza will continue across into the current quad and will result in closure of the current driveway between the Classroom Building and the Science Building.

The nursing program at JSCC is and has been a hallmark of the college for many years. This beginning phase of expansion for Nursing addresses a long overdue need for adequate facilities for a burgeoning program. Nonetheless, this type of growth at Jackson State is an exciting and welcome sign of the future that lies in front of the college.