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Nov 15, 2006

Cohen Named Distinguished Faculty Award Winner

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Scott Cohen, director of the JSCC library, received the Distinguished Faculty Award at the annual Movers and Shapers Foundation Dinner held recently at the Jackson Country Club. Cohen, a 34-year employee of Jackson State, began his career at the college in 1972 as a reference librarian. He was named library director in 1991.He graduated from Valdosta State College in 1967 with a double major in English and French. He received his master's degree in French from Florida State University in 1969.

Cohen taught English and French at Dalton Junior College in Georgia from 1969 - 1971 before completing a master's degree in library science at Florida State University in 1972.

He is an active member of the Tennessee Library Association and serves as the continuing education coordinator for the West Tennessee Academic Library consortium.

According to Cohen, one of his greatest career achievements is the development of a community resource guide in the early 1980s which matched people's talents and interests with the needs of local clubs, churches and civic groups. The guide was computerized and used widely throughout the community. Nominations for the Distinguished Faculty Member are made by any alumni of Jackson State. The winners are chosen by the board of the Jackson State Alumni Association.