Prepaid Debit Cards for Refunds

Students have new options to receive financial aid or tuition refunds!

This is a sample of the Jackson State Discover® Prepaid Debit Card. Students, watch for this card in the mail. Do not discard it.


Traditionally, Jackson State has disbursed paper checks to students for their financial aid or tuition refunds.

Now, the college is providing students with new options from Acceluraid.

Students can:

  1. Receive refunds on their Jackson State Discover® Prepaid Debit Card. Cards will be mailed to students.
  2. Direct deposit refunds to their personal bank account through student's Acceluraid web account.
  3. Request a paper check through student's Acceluraid web account.

Receiving the card

Students should receive their Jackson State Discover Prepaid Debit Card in the mail. Instructions on how to activate the card will be included.

Please keep the card for at least as long as you intend to be a student at Jackson State in the event you should ever be eligible to receive a financial aid or tuition refund.

The Jackson State Discover Prepaid Debit Cards will not have any funds on them when students receive them, and cards must first be activated at As long as the card is activated, funds will be available immediately once Jackson State has released funds to students.

This is not a credit card or a checking account, and is not reported to credit agencies or bureaus. Students’ personal information is secure and will never be sold for solicitation purposes.  

Students will receive one card.

Alternative Payment Methods

There are alternative payment methods available to students in the “My Choice” tab at once students have completed the activation process. Follow the instructions on the website to request direct deposit of funds to a bank account or to request a paper check.

With the Jackson State Discover prepaid debit card, students can receive their tuition or financial aid refund faster than ever and have the convenience of a Discover branded debit card. Students can use the card everywhere Discover Card is accepted.

Students also receive two free withdrawals from any Pulse Select or Money Pass ATM per refund.

Card Features

The card includes the following features:

Opt-Out/Opt-In Options

As a Jackson State student you have the option of having your refund available to you on the Heartland Discover Prepaid Debit Card or a JSCC refund check. If you choose to Opt-in, your refund will be available to you on the Heartland Prepaid Discover Debit Card in 3-4 business days of disbursement to your student account, and ready for your use as soon as you receive notification from Heartland. If you choose to Opt-out,  your refund check will be postmarked and mailed to you by the USPS within 14 calendar days of disbursement to your student account. These checks will NOT be available to pick up in the Business Office. 

Reminder: All Beginning of term refund disbursement dates are the 1st day of classes.


Jackson State is pleased to give students more convenient ways to receive their financial aid or tuition refunds.  Questions regarding the card can be answered through the Acceluraid website, or by emailing