Registration Center

Phone:  (731) 425-9560

Office Hours:
8:00-4:30 Monday-Friday

The Registration Center provides quality advising to new students attending Jackson State for the first time. 

Advisors can help you with:

Once a student has declared a major* and has used the services of the Registration Center, the student will be assigned a permanent advisor during the fall or spring semester. Once a student has an assigned advisor the student must see his/her advisor to register for classes the following semester. After students have met with their advisor and discussed "their academic planning and goals" students may opt to plug into jWeb to register or they may visit the Registration Center for assistance.

Our center is staffed five days a week to help you reach your goals and limit roadblocks along your way.

*Students can only take 18 credit hours under "non-degree" status, as of the 2002 fall semester.