Admissions Requirements

General Requirements:

  1. Submit a completed JSCC admission application.
  2. JSCC does not charge an application fee


Students plan to earn JSCC degree for either transfer to a four-year institution or to directly enter the job market. NOTE: Official copies of your transcripts and other documentation must be received before you can be admitted to JSCC. We must also receive official test scores from ACT or Compass before you can register.

First-Time Freshman:

Make sure an official high school transcript or GED scores are sent to us. If you graduated from a Tennessee public high school after 1983, your transcript must indicate that you've earned a regular diploma.

If you are under 21 years old, you must submit official ACT scores (less than three years old). ACT sub scores will be used to place you in any required basic or developmental courses.

Students over 21 years old: You must take the Compass test.

Your placement from the scores on the ACT test or Compass test can be challenged by taking the Challenge test.

Transfer Student:

Make sure an official high school and college transcripts from all undergraduate institutions are sent to the JSCC Admissions Office. If you've already earned a degree, we only need your college transcripts.

You won't be eligible for English or math courses or courses that have an English or math pre-requisite until your transcripts are received & reviewed. Once your transcript review is completed, you may be required to take the Compass test.

Readmit Student:

If you are degree-seeking, you submit an official transcript from the undergraduate college(s) you've attended since you left JSCC.

International Student:

International students must meet these additional admission requirements:

International students automatically pay out-of-state fees based on their residency status. Jackson State does not provide housing for any of its students. Housing, meals, and transportation are solely the responsibility of the student.

Special Admission or Non-Degree Seeking:

Non-Degree seeking students are not pursuing a degree at this time. You must have earned a regular high school diploma or passed the GED test. Non-degree seeking students are not eligible for financial aid.

Although official transcripts are not required, you may need to supply unofficial versions to prove eligibility for most courses that have prerequisite requirements. Eligibility is validated by one of the following:

Medical Requirements:

Questions about the MMR or Varicella/chicken pox immunization requirements? Check out this Q & A document:  Frequently Asked Questions

High School Students:

  1. Academically gifted - must be in grades 9-12 in high school. Must have 3.2 GPA and approved by the high school.
  2. Joint Enrollment or Dual Enrollment
    1. Submit a dual/joint enrollment application
    2. Passing score on ACT/PLAN or confirmation test in subject area
    3. Provide high school transcript
    4. Approval from principal, parent and counselor/teacher
    5. Joint enrollment-earn only college credit
    6. Dual enrollment-earn both high school & college credit
    7. Contact the High School Initiatives Office (731) 425-2601 for information

Audit Students:

Senior Citizens:

Credit classes

Audit classes

Additional Admissions Requirements:

Tennessee Board of Regents High School Admission Requirements:

If you graduated from high school spring 1989 or after and plan to graduate with an associate's degree in the college/university transfer track at JSCC, we will check your high school transcript for the following courses. If you did not earn the amount of required credit in each of the following subjects, you should complete them at JSCC.

High School Course Requirements
English 4
Algebra I and II 2
Natural/Physical Science
including a lab, in biology,
chemistry, or physics
U.S. History I or II 1
Social Studies,
World History I or II*
A Single Foreign Language 2
Visual/Performing Arts 1

Fraudulent Academic Records:

Effective July 1, 2003, the misrepresentation of academic credentials is classified as a Class A misdemeanor. This occurs when a person knowingly represents, either orally or in writing a "false statement" to obtain employment at or admission to an institution of higher education in Tennessee. Public Acts, 2004 (Chapter 825).

Academic Fresh Start:

Readmitted students who were formally enrolled in the institution, as well as transfer students who meet institutional requirements for admission and who have been separated from all institutions of higher education for a minimum of four (4) years, are eligible for Fresh Start.Fresh Start allows the calculation of the quality point average (QPA) and credit hours toward graduation to be based only on work done after returning to college. This plan of academic forgiveness is provided for students who have demonstrated academic responsibility following their return.

To apply for Fresh Start: At the time of readmission or admission as a degree seeking student or after the time of readmission, but prior to the completion of 15 hours of degree coursework, submit a Fresh Start application to the Admissions Office. Forms can also be obtained in that office.

The student then will be referred to a special advisor for additional information and assistance in developing the academic plan. Once completed, the Fresh Start application form, along with the academic plan, must be turned in to the Admissions Office.

At least fifteen (15) semester hours of earned degree coursework with a minimum QPA of 2.0 for all work attempted must be completed before Fresh Start can be granted.

All TBR institutions will honor a Fresh Start provision granted at another TBR institution. However, non-TBR institutions may not accept the QPA as it is calculated with the Fresh Start.

Terms of the Academic Fresh Start

Once the student has satisfied the above requirements, Jackson State may grant the Academic Fresh Start.

The student's permanent record will remain a record of all work; however, the student will forfeit the use for degree or certification purposes all college or university degree credit earned prior to the four-year separation upon the granting of the Fresh Start. Previously satisfied TBR placement (developmental studies) requirements will not be forfeited.

Upon degree seeking admission, Fresh Start applicants who did not satisfy developmental studies requirements at the time of previous enrollment and whose academic plan includes completion of a college-level English or mathematics course must meet current TBR placement (developmental studies) requirements regarding enrollment in college English and math courses.

The student's transcript will note that the Fresh Start was made and the date of the Fresh Start. The record also will carry the notation, "QPA and credit totals are based only on the work beginning [date of the Fresh Start]."

Certificate seeking students: You must prove high school graduation by making sure an official copy of their high school transcript is sent to the Admissions Office. If you have college work, you may choose to submit transcripts from undergraduate colleges you have attended.

EMT students: You will be required to meet degree seeking requirements which means submitting an ACT if you're under 21 years old for us to evaluate. If you are over 21 years old, the Compass placement test is required to begin the Basic Emergency Medical Technician program if you are a first time student.

Allied Health & Nursing

Admission to Allied Health Programs: (Medical Lab TechnologyEMT-Paramedic, Radiography and Physical Therapist Assistant) -- contact Allied Health at (731) 425-2612 or visit the Allied Health website for details.

Admission to Nursing Program: Contact the Nursing Department at (731) 425-2622 or visit the Nursing website for details.

Note: All medical programs have selective admission policies and application deadlines.