Tips for Students

GPA Calculator!

Have you ever wondered what your GPA will be after this semester?  Well, now you can get an idea of where you are and where you need to be.  This can prove to be very useful when transferring to another institution.

Use the link below to ESTIMATE your GPA.

Enter Current Cumulative GPA: ______
    ** Use your Overall Combined GPA from your transcript which INCLUDES your developmental courses (marked with the orange arrow in the diagram below). NOTE: Your Overall Combined GPA is used in determining your financial aid status and academic standing; probation and/or suspension.

**Use your Overall GPA from your transcript (marked with yellow arrow in the diagram below) which does NOT include your developmental courses.

Total Number of Attempted Credit Hours Completed to Date: ______ 
** Use your GPA Hours that match your Overall Combined or Overall GPA you have selected and entered above.

Scroll down on the page and enter the requested information.  Click Calculate GPA.

**CAUTION** By using this tool, you understand that this is only an estimator and does NOT in any way guarantee that your GPA will be exactly the same.  This calculator does NOT take into consideration any courses the student may have repeated.