Financial Planning

Mission Statement

To support the College's mission of teaching and public service by providing timely, relevant and accurate financial and budget information to the college community in order for them to assess needs, evaluate past performances, and identify problems and future opportunities.


The primary responsibility of the Financial Planning Office is to assure proper fund allocations, which includes directing, coordinating and preparing the budget for the various funds and the five technology centers.

The Financial Planning Director periodically reviews departmental expenditures and operating budgets to assure compliance with regulations in order to prevent over-expenditures and to analyze revenue and expenditure trends for future budget recommendations. The Financial Planning Director also has the responsibility for adjusting budgets to comply with State and College needs.


Departmental budgets are established based upon the previous year's expenditures and the current year's appropriation. The Vice President of Finance and Administrative Affairs will submit the request to the Financial Planning Office.


The following outlines the procedures for opening and submitting a budget:

  • The Budget Request should be completed using the most current Budget Report as a guide.
  • Upon completion of the Budget Form, it should be submitted to the appropriate Vice President.
  • The Vice President will review the budget request and determine the departmental allotment based upon the availability of funds.
  • The approval request forms are then forwarded to the President's Office for approval.
  • Upon approval, the Vice-President of Finance and Administrative Affairs will forward the requests the Budget Office for implementation of the allotments.