Family Representative


Job Summary:

  • Greets new patients, families of ambulatory and ambulance patients and visitors. Informs the guests of Emergency Department visiting guidelines, hospital policies and procedures, etc.
  • Communicates any and all pertinent information to families, nursing staff, etc. concerning families and/or patients. Takes messages for families or visitors when needed. Works as a liaison between nursing staff, patients, and families
  • Makes rounds every hour to visit patients and to gather information for families when 2 or more family representatives are on duty. (Patient Room Rounding & Waiting Room Rounding)
  • Provides directions and information to families and visitors concerning the hospital
  • Assists family and/or friends of critically ill or deceased patients by escorting them to the Family Room when indicated. Contacts Pastoral Care, ministers, family, etc. and offers comfort and assistance as needed.
  • Monitors and maintains the waiting area to provide a supportive atmosphere to waiting families and visitors
  • Assists with travel arrangements for discharged patients as needed
  • Reports to Triage Nurse any medical problems or information of an acute nature that occurs in the waiting area
  • Performs related responsibilities as required or directed 



  • High School Diploma or GED required
  • Ability to read, write, utilize correct spelling, grammar and punctuation and follow written procedures

Licensure, Registration, Certification: 

  • Basic Life Support Certification (BLS) required. Must be obtained within first 30 days of employment


  • Proficiency in the field of human relations or behavioral science and communications as normally acquired through 2-3 years experience. Knowledge of hospital and departmental policies and procedures, medical staff, patient services and other departments as acquired through 3 months of orientation 

Hours: Full-time
date posted: 11-22-2017