Fire Science Technology

Registration for EMT Basic, AEMT and Fire Science classes require a paper application to be filled out and emailed or sent to Director of EMT/Fire Science Bryan Kesler. 

After receiving the application you will be registered into the appropriate classes. Contact Bryan Kesler for pin # and advice for any classes you need to register for in addition to these EMS or Fire Courses

Fire Science Application


We entrust emergency workers to preserve life and property. The nature of these jobs is becoming more and more technical. Therefore, the importance of education is playing an increasing role in the preparation of today's emergency workers.

The degree is designed to address the educational needs of Tennesseans who desire to enter or advance their career within the field of fire science.  The program offers both flexibility for those with prior experience and training while providing a clear path for those who are new to the field of study.  It was designed to incorporate the Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education (FESHE) core courses and therefore, meets current, accepted standards of practice within the field of study.