OTA Estimated Costs

All expenses are estimates and are subject to change without notice. Based on 2018-2019 In State Rates.

Costs are approximate and are subject to change. All Jackson State Community College students pay the same tuition rates subject to residency status as published in the Tuition and Fees section of the current Jackson State Community College Catalog.

The following are approximate costs for the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program by Semester. These costs are approximate and may change. 

Expense Semester I Semester II Semester III (Summer) Semester IV Semester V
Level II Fieldwork
Tuition $2,280.50 $2,280.50  $1414.00 (if taking SPCH and Humanities) $2,110.50 $2,110.50
Textbooks ~$615.00 ~$620.00 ~$150.00 ~$510.00 $50-$85
Polo Shirt/Uniforms ~$150.00        
Name Badge X X X X Fieldwork sites may have their own facility name badge.
Criminal Background Check ~$29.50 X X Background Check update if needed: $29.50  
Drug Screen ~$38.75 X X $38.75 if needed X
My Record Tracker Fee (covers access while enrolled in program) $17.50 X X $7.50 X
Professional liability insurance ~$11.05 X X ~$11.05 X
Lab supplies (Not Available at Bookstore) See below        
Electronic Switch X $20 X X X
Splinting Material X X X ~$75.00-$100 X
Hip Replacement Kit ~$40.00 X X X X
JSCC OTA Organization and picture Fee $40.00 X X $40.00 X
Travel/Parking Fees for Clinical (will vary)

~$50.00 (May Vary) $300   $50.00 (May Vary) $500 (May Vary)
CPR Certification (AHA Basic Life Support of Health Providers) $50.00 X X X X
Immunization Requirements and physical examination $300.00 X X X X
AOTA and TOTA student membership fee AOTA $75.00
TOTA $20.00
X X AOTA $75
TOTA $20
Practice NBCOT Exam X X X X $45
NBCOT Study Guide X X X X $39.95
NBCOT examination review course X X X $230 X
State of Tennessee Licensing Fee (may be pre-or post-graduation) X X X X $85.00
Estimated Total $3,717.30 $3,220.50 $1564.00 $3222.30 $3420.45

X = No cost during that semester
~ = Approximate
CPR Certification must be American Heart Association Healthcare Provider and include Adult, Child, Infant, Conscious, Unconscious, and Choking victims. Certifications must be obtained prior to registration and must remain current for the entire program of study.