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Radiologic Technology Mission & Goals

Mission Statement

Jackson State Community College Radiologic Technology Program provides the opportunity for students to develop the clinical skills and technical competencies required of a certified Radiographer at entry level combined with the necessary academic background to enable the graduate to advance within the profession. The Program maintains high educational standards evidenced through national programmatic accreditation.

Radiologic Technology Program Goals & Outcomes

The program's mission is supported by the achievement of the following goals & outcomes:

Goal 1: Students will competently perform diagnostic radiography procedures.

Learning Outcomes:

1.1 Students will accurately position patients for radiographic examinations.

1.2 Students will properly determine exposure factors.

1.3 Students will employ correct radiation practices. 

Goal 2: Students will develop critical thinking and problem solving skills applicable to radiography.

Learning Outcomes:

2.1 Students will adapt radiographic procedures to non-routine situations.

2.2 Students will evaluate radiographic images for acceptable diagnostic quality. 

Goal 3: Students will demonstrate effective communication skills.

Learning Outcomes:

3.1 Students will utilize acceptable verbal skills in the clinical setting.

3.2 Students will display adequate communication skills in written works. 

Goal 4: Students will exhibit professionalism appropriate for radiographers.

Learning Outcomes:

4.1 Students will understand the importance of maintaining certification/continuing education.

4.2 Students will practice desirable work ethic behaviors. 

Goal 5: Graduates will contribute to the needs of the medical imaging community.

Learning Outcomes:

5.1 Students will complete the program within the scheduled time frame.

5.2 Graduates will successfully complete the national certification examination.

5.3 Graduates will express satisfaction with their radiography education.

5.4 Graduates will accept positions in radiography and related modalities.

5.5 Employers will express satisfaction with graduates as entry-level radiographers.