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Engineering Systems Technology Goals

industrial technology

Long Range

  1. Develop responsible, informed and productive members of the workforce.
  2. Continually evaluate and revise course content to meet current and perceivable future needs.
  3. Establish and continue recruitment and promotional activities.
  4. Maintain and improve collaborative relationships with industry partners and community.
  5. Prepare students for gainful employment by developing their communication, problem solving, and technical skills.
  6. Provide meaningful professional development opportunities for faculty.
  7. Retain adequate staffing for current program support and future program growth.
  8. Remain up-to-date with the most current technology used in today's industrial environment.

Short Range

  1. Focus on and develop outcome based learning activities.
  2. Continue to utilize effective lab space management.
  3. Reorganize available space to more efficiently facilitate learning.
  4. Increase knowledge of the Engineering Systems Technology program in local high schools and the community.
  5. Update competencies to reflect new software packages.
  6. Utilize hybrid, online, on-ground, and /or accelerated course options for lecture and lab activities.
  7. Standardize and focus competencies for the Engineering Systems Technology curriculum.
  8. Continue to utilize ATMAE standards and affiliation for program improvement.
  9. Assimilate grant resources into existing EST program.
  10. Maintain EST career exit exam scores above 70%.