Industrial Technology Goals

industrial technology

Long Range

  • Encourage excellence and promote scholarship by emphasizing the importance of a commitment to lifelong learning.
  • Continually evaluate and revise course content to meet current and perceivable future needs.
  • Establish and continue recruitment promotional activities.
  • Maintain and improve collaborative relationships with industry partners and community.
  • Prepare students for gainful employment by developing their communication, problem solving, and technical skills.
  • Target and develop distance learning and online opportunities for students.
  • Provide meaningful development opportunities for faculty.
  • Retain Perkins IV Retention Specialist.

Short Range

  • Focus on and develop outcome based learning activities.
  • Reorganize available space to more efficiently facilitate learning.
  • Improve knowledge of the Industrial Technology program in local high schools and the community.
  • Update competencies to reflect new software packages.
  • Utilize hybrid, online, on-ground, and /or accelerated course options for lecture and lab activities.
  • Standardize and focus competencies for the Industrial Technology curriculum.
  • Continue to utilize ATMAE standards and affiliation for program improvement.
  • Target the improvement of inter-class networking skills in online classes.
  • Assimilate grant resources into existing IT program.
  • Maintain IT career exit exam scores above 70%.