Humanities and Social Sciences

Jackson State’s Division of Humanities and Social Sciences provides quality instruction and learning opportunities for students interested in myriad fields. Dedicated faculty are available to assist students in reaching their educational and career goals, whether graduates are heading straight to the work force or preparing for further education at a four-year institution. The division offers emphasis areas in Art, Criminal Justice, English, Foreign Language, History, Mass Communication, Philosophy, Physical Education, Political Science, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology, and Teaching.  Classes are taught by expert faculty members in a variety of modalities including traditional ground, asynchronous online, and videoconference classes.

The division is proud to participate in the Honors Program and to offer courses in Service Learning and International Education. 

Photo of Karen PerrinKaren Perrin
Chair of Communications and Social Science and Associate Professor of Criminal Justice

Photo of Anna EsquivelAnna Esquivel, Ph.D.
Chair of Languages and Literature and Associate Professor of English

Photo of Tammy PraterTammy Prater
Director of Teaching and Learning Center and Associate Professor of History