Graduate Competencies

Provider of Care: Use clinical decision making to provide evidence-based care in accordance with established standards of care.

  • Assess and prioritize multi-system client needs
  • Develop individualized plans of care appropriate to clients’ cultural and developmental needs
  • Perform competent nursing interventions consistent with policy and standards
  • Evaluate  client outcomes and revise care as needed

Communicator/Teacher: Communicate effectively to promote adaptation and maintain client health.

  • Demonstrate caring and respect for unique values and needs of clients and families
  • Relate constructively to other members of health care team
  • Report and record clear, concise, and relevant data to support client safety and continuity of care
  • Employ principles of teaching and learning to meet the educational needs of clients, families, and/or groups

Manager of Care: Coordinate and manage the care of groups of clients in structured health care settings.

  • Delegate and evaluate client care appropriately
  • Collaborate with health team members to achieve quality client outcomes and achieve continuity of care
  • Advocate for balance in quality care and cost of care
  • Use technology to promote client safety and health

Member of the Discipline: Illustrates professional accountability and commitment to life-long learning.

  • Adhere to legal practice standards, program and /or agency policies
  • Select opportunities for role, knowledge, skill, and/or professional development
  • Model accountability for competence, integrity, and ethical conduct