Benefits of Student Learning


  • Positive effect on interpersonal behaviors, ability to work with others, leadership skills
  • Positive effect on social responsibility and citizenship skill
  • Enhance academic learning when compared to courses that are not integrated with service learning
  • Improves ability to apply what they have learned in the “real world”
  • Stronger relationships with faculty than those not in service learning
  • Improves satisfaction with college experience
  • More likely to graduate
  • Propensity to continue service and practice active citizenship after graduation


  • Satisfaction with enhanced quality of student learning
  • Able to create connections with community
  • Impacting communities and students
  • Opportunity to develop scholarships related to community engagement
  • Included in annual report for promotion and tenure
  • Ability to demonstrate real world application to student learning
  • Personal satisfaction in a “job well done”
  • Contribute to the college’s standing

Community Partners

  • Student participation provides services
  • Enhanced organizational capacity building
  • Exposing students to their goals possibly creating future serving opportunities
  • Enhanced relationship with College