Motorcycle Safety

motorcyclist and bike

Basic Motorcycle Rider Safety

New and experienced riders will learn safe motorcycle riding skills in this course. Learn the operation of the controls, straight line riding, turning, shifting, stopping, basic maneuvers, street riding, defensive driving and handling emergencies. Successfully complete both written and skills test and earn an exemption from the state.

Cost - $210
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To participate in class you must be prepared:

  • Helmet - D.O.T. approved (furnished by request)
  • Eye protection (face shield of safety glasses)
  • Over-the-ankle leather footwear with low heels
  • Long pants (denim or material with equal durability)
  • Long sleeve shirt or jacket
  • Full-fingered gloves (preferably leather)

Course Provides:

  • Certified instructors
  • Student Workbook
  • TN Motorcycle Handbook
  • Training Motorcycles (125cc-500cc street legal)
  • Helmets and eye protection if needed

Please be prepared for weather and breaks. Classes are held in all weather conditions other than icing.

  • Wet weather gear (rain jackets, pants, etc...)
  • Cold weather gear (warm jackets, sweaters, etc...)
  • Water or other beverages
  • Lunch/snacks as necessary

For questions regarding the course, contact Clint Garig (504) 237-4995