2019-2020 Financial Aid Forms

Please print and complete ONLY the forms that have been REQUESTED by the Financial Aid Services Office.

Verification Form (19-20) - Dependent
Verification Form (19-20) - Independent
Verification of Non-Tax-Filer - Dependent
Verification of Non-Tax-Filer - Independent
Verification of Number in Household & College (19-20)
Untaxed Income & Exclusions (19-20)
Asset Form (19-20)
Verification of Marital Status (19-20)
Verification of Child Support PAID (19-20)
Verification of Child Support RECEIVED (19-20)
Verification of Bachelors or Masters Degree (19-20)
Identity & Educational Purpose (cannot be mailed - COMPLETE IN PERSON)
Identity & Educational Purpose (Notary Public - call to request the form)
Drug Worksheet (19-20) DOE
Drug Worksheet (19-20) JSCC
Verification of Legal Residence (19-20) - Dependent
Verification of Legal Residence (19-20) - Independent
Step Three Form (19-20)
Dual Enrollment (19-20)

FAX completed forms to 731-425-9554
Or mail to:

Jackson State Community College
Attn: Financial Aid Services Office
2046 North Parkway
Jackson, TN 38301