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2020-21 Financial Aid Forms

Financial Aid Document Uploads

Submit completed forms by uploading them directly via the link below.  Be sure that the student’s name and J# is on the top of the document and that the file uploaded is good quality.

Please print and complete ONLY the forms that have been REQUESTED by the Financial Aid Services Office.

Verification Form (20-21) - Dependent
Verification Form (20-21) - Independent
How to Provide 2018 Tax Return information
Number in Household & College (20-21)
Verification of Non-Tax Filer (20-21) - Dependent
Verification of Non-Tax Filer (20-21) - Independent
Untaxed Income & Exclusions (20-21)
Asset Information Form (20-21)
Verification of Marital Status (20-21)
Verification of Child Support PAID (20-21)
Verification of Child Support RECEIVED (20-21)
Verification of Bachelors or Masters Degree (20-21)
Head of Household status verification (20-21)
Identity & Educational Purpose (MAY BE FAXED OR MAILED)
Identity & Educational Purpose (If you are unable to travel to Jackson, you can mail this notarized form)
Drug Worksheet (20-21) DOE
Drug Worksheet (20-21) JSCC
Verification of Legal Residence (20-21) - Dependent
Verification of Legal Residence (20-21) - Independent
Dependency Status Step 3 Worksheet (20-21)
Concurrent Enrollment (20-21)
Unusual Enrollment History Appeal Form (20-21)

FAX completed forms to 731-425-9554
Or mail to:

Jackson State Community College
Attn: Financial Aid Services Office
2046 North Parkway
Jackson, TN 38301