Financial Aid Refunds

Jackson State Community College’s Business Services & Financial Aid Offices have updated the way in which refunds are processed from Title IV federal financial aid (Pell grant and SEOG grant). 

Key information:

  • You must attend classes before your aid can be disbursed.
  • Refunds will begin processing the third week of the semester.
  • If you are due a refund, books may be charged from the Campus Bookstore to your student account.
  • You must complete a Title IV authorization in jWeb to charge books

If you are due a refund and wish to charge books to your account:

  1.  Log into jWeb
  2.  Select “Student One-Stop”
  3.  Select the $$ “Title IV” icon
  4.  Select Aid Year 2023-2024 and submit
  5.  Click “Resources/Additional Information” tab
  6.  In the drop down boxes select Authorize and submit (There are two questions to answer)
  7.  JSCC Campus Bookstore will email instructions on how to charge books the week before classes begin.
  8.  You may charge books beginning the week before classes and/or through the first week.
  9.  This is only available through the Campus Bookstore (in store or online).


In order for students to charge books a Title IV Authorization must be set up on Student One-Stop. The federal government requires this authorization to allow excess funds to pay for charges other than tuition and fees. This will allow you to charge books at the JSCC Campus Bookstore.  This option is available to assist in getting books before classes start as the financial aid refunds will not begin processing until the third week of the term.

If you have any questions please contact JSCC JHub at 731-425-8844, Business Services at 731-425-2603, or Financial Aid at 731-425-2605.