Career Journals

Gale OneFile: Vocations and Careers
"Finding the right career can be a daunting and high stakes task: finding an appropriate institution of learning, job searching, and maintaining a career are all topics covered by this collection, providing current and applicable content for all vocational milestones. Offering content from nearly 400 journals, this collection provides content from general career guides to highly specialized industry journals."

Gale Presents: Peterson's Career Prep                                                                                                                                          Need to look for a new career or job? Need help creating a polished looking resume or cover letter? Gale Presents: Peterson's Career Prep is a one stop resource to help students and job seekers with the job and career searching process.  

Occupational Outlook Handbook
This publication is from the United States Department of Labor.  "The profiles featured here cover hundreds of occupations and describe What They Do, Work Environment, How to Become One, Pay, and more. Each profile also includes Bureau of Labor Statistics employment projections for the 2010–20 decade"

Vocational Biographies

Vocational Biographies has over 1,000 Career Stories covering a wide spectrum of careers, from the traditional to the newly emerging, that chronicle real-life school-to-career paths.