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JSCC Faculty issue statement on diversity and social equity

Jun 15th, 2020


As our nation reacts to the tragic deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, Jackson State faculty acknowledge the pain that so many in our campus community are experiencing. Social and economic inequities that result from racial injustice create real and seemingly insurmountable barriers to learning for our students. As faculty, we know that educating students about the contributions Black people have made to American life and democracy is both empowering and critical to making change. The history of dissent and resistance to injustices led by people of color, and the recent movement that continues that work, make us a stronger nation and a better people.

Jackson State faculty educate a diverse group of students, and we remain committed to fostering a space of creativity, learning, questioning, and support on our campus. We encourage honest conversations and respectful relationships in our classrooms, and we believe in the power of community voices combining for the greater good. The fight for social equity is far from over, but the faculty at Jackson State Community College resolve to create the conditions under which all students can thrive.

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