JSCC RAD students to celebrate 121st anniversary of x-ray

Oct 31st, 2016

The invisible energy we call "x-rays" was discovered on November 8, 1895, by German physicist Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen. Each year, the profession of radiography/medical imaging celebrates Roentgen's discovery and the dedication of all those who use x-rays or similar energies by recognizing National Radiologic Technology Week, the week of November 8.

To commemorate this event, Jackson State RAD club students will be celebrating this 121st year of x-ray discovery with you! RAD students will have displays set up around campus in the Nelms Classroom Building, the Science Building, the Jim Moss Center for Nursing, the McWherter Center, and the Student Center. Students will be on hand at the displays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on November 8.

Poster projects and brochures will explain both the vast benefits and slight risks associated with x-rays and medical imaging procedures. RAD club members will be on hand to answer questions, serve cookies, and encourage you to register for door prizes.

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