JSCC reduces operational status to Level 2

Mar 17th, 2021

The Pandemic Response Team has determined that the operational status of the college will be returned to Level 2 beginning Thursday, March 18. This change was made due to the continued downward trend of COVID cases being reported in our service area. There are currently no reports of COVID cases from any areas of campus.

The most visible change in the operational status will be the removal of security guards from the gates. Until the status moves to Level 1, the daily screening protocol, face mask requirement, social distancing, and other safety measures will still be in force for all people coming to campus. Custodial staff also will remain vigilant with enhanced cleaning protocols at all JSCC locations.

This is considered a positive step toward a return to normalcy. Should all indicators continue to point in the right direction, it is hoped that the Level 1 operational status can be put into force by May 1. "We are looking forward to bringing all of our employees and students back to campus as soon as possible," said Dr. George Pimentel, JSCC President. "We will make certain that we reopen in the most responsible manner without putting any of our constituents in harm's way."

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