Dec 31st, 1969

Kristin White, JSCC Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) student, was a recipient of this year's Tennessee Occupational Therapy Association (TNOTA) scholarship. White was one of four students across the state to receive this award.

Every year, the TNOTA awards scholarships to members who are students in an ACOTE-accredited program in Tennessee. Students must apply for the scholarship and submit a written essay.

OTA assistant professor Gwen Foxx noted Kristin as a highly-motivated student that is very interested in increasing her skills and knowledge for the treatment of future clients. "We are so happy that Kristin was recognized with this award," said Foxx. "She is a worthy recipient for this honor."

White is a 2-year OTA student that is scheduled to receive an AAS in May 2019. She also serves as the secretary for the Student Occupational Therapy Association at JSCC.

An outstanding student in JSCC's OTA program, Kristin values the education and experience she has received at Jackson State. According to White, "(the program) at Jackson State Community College has prepared me in multiple ways to adapt to the constant changes in the healthcare system." She cites the college's multiple professional affiliations and participation in research and volunteer opportunities that have equipped her well for the constant changes in healthcare.

White sees education as an ongoing, lifelong process. She plans to continue her education beyond JSCC. She sees education as essential in order to "adapt to any change that healthcare makes and have the opportunity to give occupation-based and personalized care to my patients."

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