MTSU, Jackson State reaffirm partnership to create smoother transition for transferring students

Oct 18th, 2017

Reaffirming a partnership established in 2012, the presidents of Middle Tennessee State University and Jackson State Community College signed agreements Wednesday, October 18, creating a smoother transition for students wanting to transfer from the West Tennessee college to the Murfreesboro university.

The signing occurred at the Jackson Country Club, where MTSU hosted its annual True Blue Tour luncheon for high school counselors and community college staff and nighttime student reception.

The actions authorized by MTSU's Sidney A. McPhee and Jackson State's Allana Hamilton will:

  • Establish programs to promote successful experiences for Jackson State students seeking to continue their higher education at MTSU.
  • Develop dual admission and reverse transfer processes between them as seamless as possible.
  • Allow Jackson State students to interact with MTSU advisers and have access to faculty and programs within their proposed majors while at the community college.
  • Exchange additional ideas and information to further mutual understanding and cooperation between the parties.
  • Develop other objectives, as agreed upon by both parties.

In 2012, the agreement provided the framework for programs designed to enhance the educational experience of students attending both schools. It included but was not limited to dual admissions, concurrent enrollment, reverse transfer, consortium agreements and cooperative advising.

"We are pleased to reaffirm and continue our partnership with Jackson State," McPhee said. "We are the number one choice of transfer students in Tennessee because we work hard to make the movement between institutions as seamless as possible."

"We are always looking for ways to help our students achieve their educational goals," said Hamilton, Jackson State president. "The agreement with MTSU will help to develop a seamless transition for Jackson State graduates to move to the next level in their educational journey."

Working with administrators in the new agreement, a coordinator from each school will promote collaboration with the respective admissions staffs.

In addition to coordinating activities within their institutions as well as the other party, the coordinators will distribute information about faculty, facilities, research, publications, library materials and educational resources of their organization.

The coordinators will communicate periodically to review and evaluate past activities and work out new ideas for the future cooperative agreements.

The MOU is for five years. MTSU and Jackson State can be renewed for a five-year period and terminated by either party with 90 days' notice.

MTSU is the number one producer of graduates for the Greater Nashville economy and vital partner in the state's goal of 55 percent of its citizens having a post-secondary degree by 2025. It is the top destination for transfer students in Tennessee and number one choice for adult learners. MTSU offers more than 240 undergraduate and graduate degrees. It is widely known for its recording industry, aerospace, accounting, concrete industry, nursing and education programs and more.

Celebrating 50 years of higher education, Jackson State provides accessible learning opportunities, enhancing the lives of individuals, strengthening the workforce and empowering diverse communities by offering traditional and contemporary associate degrees (arts, science and applied science), certificates, continuing education and enrichment, and college-readiness programs. The college also has campuses in Humboldt, Lexington and Savannah, Tennessee, and provides educational opportunities in 33 area high school locations.

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