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Summer 2019 Dual Enrollment Class Schedule

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CRN Rubric Hours Title Days  Time Bldg/Room  Instr. Enrolled  Location
51572ENGL 2220 SAB 3Modern British Literature---Camp, Mechel0/0-
51576ENGL 1020 SAB 3English Composition II---Camp, Mechel0/0-
51578SPAN 1020 SAB 3Beginning Spanish II---Camp, Mechel0/0-
51580ENGL 2320 SB2 3Modern World Literature---Camp, Mechel0/0-
51596ART 1035 SA2 3Introduction to Art---Camp, Mechel0/0-
51645MATH 0010 01 1st half of term3Lab for MATH 1010MTWR8:00am-9:50amC 126ARainer, Linda0/0Jackson
51773PHED 2020 01W - ONLINE 2nd half of term3Personal Health---Hines, Deron1/0-
51597BIOL 1110 SAB 0General Biology I---Camp, Mechel1/0Jackson
51600ENGL 2320 SA2 3Modern World Literature---Camp, Mechel1/0-
51601ENGL 2320 SA3 3Modern World Literature---Camp, Mechel1/0-
51604HIST 2310 SA2 3Early World History---Camp, Mechel1/0-
51605ENGL 2220 SA2 3Modern British Literature---Camp, Mechel1/0-
51606ENGL 2320 SAB 3Modern World Literature---Camp, Mechel1/0-
51607MATH 1530 SAB 3Introductory Statistics---Camp, Mechel1/0Paris
51608MUS 1030 SAB 3Introduction to Music---Camp, Mechel1/0-
51610SPAN 2510 SAB 3Spanish Conversation & Compos---Camp, Mechel1/0-
51620ENGL 1020 SA3 3English Composition II---Camp, Mechel1/0-
51734COM 232 01 1Practicum---Lackey, Abby2/0Jackson
51598COMM 2025 SAB 3Fundamentals of Communication---Camp, Mechel2/0-
51602BIOL 1120 SAB 0General Biology II---Camp, Mechel2/0Jackson
51609SPAN 2010 SAB 3Intermediate Spanish I---Camp, Mechel2/0-
51603ENGL 1020 SA2 3English Composition II---Camp, Mechel3/0-
51599HIST 2310 SAB 3Early World History---Camp, Mechel5/0-
51619ENGL 2320 SA1 3Modern World Literature---Camp, Mechel8/0-
50198MATH 1530 01W - ONLINE3Introductory Statistics---Britt, Tim19/0-
50199MATH 1530 02W - ONLINE3Introductory Statistics---Britt, Tim19/0-