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Spring 2024 Class Schedule

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CRN Rubric  Hours Title Days  Time Bldg/Room  Instr. Enrolled  Location
15315AGRI 1050 01 - HYBRID4Intro to Soil Science--C 04Walker, Carrie7/14Jackson
13402COL 1030 01H - HYBRID3College to Career NavigationR9:30am-10:45amL 04Perrin, Karen21/25Jackson
13595COL 1030 09H - HYBRID3College to Career NavigationM9:30am-10:45amC 109Rawson, Kim9/25Jackson
14683CITC 1302 01H - HYBRID 2nd half of term3Introduction to NetworkingTR9:30am-10:45amMC 240Callahan, Randall9/20Jackson
15154COL 1030 28H - HYBRID3College to Career NavigationT9:30am-10:45amL 04Cepparulo, Thomas13/25Jackson
13846EDU 201 DLJ - HYBRID3Foundations of EducationT11:00am-12:15pmC 203Hickey, Nancy14/15Jackson
13983EDU 2230 DLJ - HYBRID3Human Growth and DevelopmentR11:00am-12:15pmC 203Hickey, Nancy6/15Jackson
13985EDU 2230 DLL - HYBRID3Human Growth and DevelopmentR11:00am-12:15pmLEX 141Hickey, Nancy3/5Lexington
13986EDU 2230 DLS - HYBRID3Human Growth and DevelopmentR11:00am-12:15pmSAV 126Hickey, Nancy0/3Savannah
15395COL 1030 02H - HYBRID3College to Career NavigationW11:00am-12:15pmC 203Hickey, Nancy22/25Jackson
15370EDU 2230 DLG - HYBRID3Human Growth and DevelopmentR11:00am-12:15pmGIB 112Hickey, Nancy1/2Trenton Gibson County Center
14697CITC 1321 01H - HYBRID 2nd half of term3CompTIA A+ Core ITR11:00am-12:15pmMC 238Matlock, Lisa8/20Jackson
15369EDU 201 DLG - HYBRID3Foundations of EducationT11:00am-12:15pmGIB 112Hickey, Nancy1/2Trenton Gibson County Center
15367EDU 201 DLL - HYBRID3Foundations of EducationT11:00am-12:15pmLEX 141Hickey, Nancy2/5Lexington
15428COL 1030 03H - HYBRID3College to Career NavigationT12:30pm-1:45pmC 205Miller, Gustavie13/25Jackson
14685CITC 1322 01H - HYBRID3CompTIA A+ Core IIM3:00pm-5:00pmMC 238Matlock, Lisa14/20Jackson
14424HSC 111 02H - HYBRID 2nd half of term3Medical TerminologyT5:30pm-7:00pmHS 233Staff4/25Jackson
15352MATH 1530 12 - HYBRID3Introductory StatisticsT6:00pm-7:15pmC 128Britt, Joshua11/25Jackson
12098MATH 1530 LX2 - HYBRID3Introductory StatisticsT6:00pm-7:15pmLEX 124Walker, Sylvia9/25Lexington