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History Classes


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The following is the approved list of General Education course for the History block. Please note that your degree program may require specific courses to satisfy this block. Please check with your advisor and refer to the catalog prior to registering.

CRN Rubric  Hours Title Days  Time Bldg/Room  Instr. Enrolled  Location
14383HIST 2010 01 3Early United States HistoryMW9:30am-10:45amC 109Alexander, Brenda20/25Jackson
10146HIST 2010 04 3Early United States HistoryTR9:30am-10:45amC 225Rafalowski, Anthony24/25Jackson
11109HIST 2010 06W - ONLINE3Early United States History---Fry, Billy24/25-
14797HIST 2010 08 - FLEX3Early United States HistoryTR12:30pm-1:45pm-Rafuse, Brian11/25Jackson
15294HIST 2010 08W - ONLINE Last 10 weeks of term3Early United States History---Masters, Robert21/25-
14155HIST 2010 1st half of term TN eCampus3Early United States History---Staff-
14646HIST 2010 R35 TN eCampus3Early United States History---Staff-
14154HIST 2010 TN eCampus3Early United States History---Staff-
15082HIST 2020 01 - FLEX3Modern United States HistoryM5:00pm-7:45pm-Friedman, Jennifer4/25Jackson
14798HIST 2020 02 3Modern United States HistoryTR11:00am-12:15pmC 109Alexander, Brenda11/25Jackson
10153HIST 2020 03 - HYBRID3Modern United States HistoryR8:00am-9:15amC 223Jones, Kenneth15/25Jackson
11480HIST 2020 DJ1 - DISTANCE3Modern United States HistoryMW2:00pm-3:15pmC 202Fry, Billy10/14Jackson
14336HIST 2020 DL2 - DISTANCE3Modern United States HistoryMW2:00pm-3:15pmSAV 112Fry, Billy0/6Savannah
10155HIST 2020 DLL - DISTANCE3Modern United States HistoryMW2:00pm-3:15pmLEX 141Fry, Billy6/10Lexington
14864HIST 2020 DLP - DISTANCE3Modern United States HistoryMW2:00pm-3:15pm4Fry, Billy1/4Paris
14157HIST 2020 1st half of term TN eCampus3Modern United States History---Staff-
14158HIST 2020 2nd half of term TN eCampus3Modern United States History---Staff-
14156HIST 2020 TN eCampus3Modern United States History---Staff-
14084HIST 2310 01W - ONLINE3Early World History---Sivananda, Mantri23/25-
14160HIST 2310 TN eCampus3Early World History---Staff-
14088HIST 2320 01 3Modern World HistoryMW11:00am-12:15pmC 109Alexander, Brenda12/25Jackson
14090HIST 2320 01W - ONLINE3Modern World History---Sivananda, Mantri23/25-
14161HIST 2320 TN eCampus3Modern World History---Staff-
14816HIST 2650 01W - ONLINE3African American History---Prater, Tammy23/25-