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Summer 2023 Class Schedule

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Humanities and Fine Arts Classes


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The following is the approved list of General Education course for the Humanities and Fine Arts block. Please note that your degree program may require specific courses to satisfy this block. Please check with your advisor and refer to the catalog prior to registering.

CRN Rubric  Hours Title Days  Time Bldg/Room  Instr. Enrolled  Location
51989ART 1035 01W - ONLINE 1st half of term3Introduction to Art---Brown, Jennifer24/25-
51663ART 1035 02W - ONLINE3Introduction to Art---Brown, Jennifer24/25-
51680ART 1035 TN eCampus3Introduction to Art---Staff-
51681ART 2000 TN eCampus3Art History Survey I---Staff-
51682ART 2020 TN eCampus3Art History Survey II---Staff-
51948ENGL 2055 TN eCampus3African-American Literature---Staff-
51949ENGL 2110 TN eCampus3Early American Literature---Staff-
51700ENGL 2120 TN eCampus3Modern American Literature---Staff-
51701ENGL 2210 TN eCampus3Early British Literature---Staff-
51702ENGL 2220 TN eCampus3Modern British Literature---Staff-
51564ENGL 2310 TN eCampus3Early World Literature---Staff-
51039ENGL 2320 01W - ONLINE 2nd half of term3Modern World Literature---Franklin, Powell22/25-
52119ENGL 2320 03W - ONLINE 2nd half of term3Modern World Literature---Staff1/25-
52007HUM 1010 01 1st half of term3Early HumanitiesTR10:00am-2:00pmC 210Kelley, Andrew15/24-
50321HUM 1010 TN eCampus3Early Humanities---Staff-
51332HUM 1020 TN eCampus3Modern Humanities---Staff-
50403MUS 1030 TN eCampus3Introduction to Music---Staff-
51356PHIL 1030 01W - ONLINE3Introduction to Philosophy---Senter, Nell9/25-
50336PHIL 1030 TN eCampus3Introduction to Philosophy---Staff-
52083PHIL 1040 01W - ONLINE 2nd half of term3Introduction to Ethics---Hart, David15/25-
51713PHIL 1040 TN eCampus3Introduction to Ethics---Staff-
51950THEA 1030 TN eCampus3Introduction to Theatre---Staff-