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The following is the approved list of General Education course for the Math block. Please note that your degree program may require specific courses to satisfy this block. Please check with your advisor and refer to the catalog prior to registering.

CRN Rubric Hours Title Days  Time Bldg/Room  Instr. Enrolled  Location
82300MATH 1010 06 3Math for General StudiesTR9:30am-10:45amSC 118Pride, Linda28/30Jackson
82301MATH 1010 07 3Math for General StudiesTR2:00pm-3:15pmC 127Pride, Linda22/28Jackson
82316MATH 1010 10 3Math for General StudiesTR11:00am-12:15pmC 127Pride, Linda27/28Jackson
82497MATH 1010 1st half of term TN eCampus3Math for General Studies---Staff-
82499MATH 1010 2nd half of term TN eCampus3Math for General Studies---Staff-
82495MATH 1010 TN eCampus3Math for General Studies---Staff-
80256MATH 1530 01 3Introductory StatisticsTR9:30am-10:45amC 125Britt, Joshua29/30Jackson
80407MATH 1530 04 3Introductory StatisticsTR12:30pm-1:45pmC 125Britt, Joshua29/30Jackson
80827MATH 1530 05 3Introductory StatisticsTR8:00am-9:15amC 131ACurtis, Justin27/28Jackson
82283MATH 1530 08 - HYBRID 2nd half of term3Introductory StatisticsR6:00pm-8:00pmC 125Britt, Joshua21/30Jackson
81177MATH 1530 10 3Introductory StatisticsMW2:30pm-3:45pmSC 104Li, Jialing29/30Jackson
81179MATH 1530 12 3Introductory StatisticsTR2:00pm-3:15pmC 125Curtis, Justin29/30Jackson
82628MATH 1530 13 3Introductory StatisticsTR11:00am-12:15pmC 125Britt, Joshua29/30Jackson
82629MATH 1530 14 3Introductory StatisticsM6:00pm-8:50pmC 127Smith, Annette19/28Jackson
81320MATH 1530 18 3Introductory StatisticsTR11:00am-12:15pmSC 104Li, Jialing29/30Jackson
80745MATH 1530 1DH - DISTANCE3Introductory StatisticsT6:00pm-8:50pmH 24Manley, Barbara16/20Humboldt
80382MATH 1530 1DL - DISTANCE3Introductory StatisticsT6:00pm-8:50pmLEX 125Walker, Sylvia7/20Lexington
81415MATH 1530 2DH - DISTANCE3Introductory StatisticsW3:30pm-5:45pmH 24Manley, Barbara8/16Humboldt
80259MATH 1530 50W - ONLINE3Introductory Statistics---Britt, Tim21/25-
81182MATH 1530 54W - ONLINE3Introductory Statistics---Britt, Tim20/25-
81655MATH 1530 DLH - DISTANCE3Introductory StatisticsMW12:30pm-1:45pmH 24Manley, Barbara11/20Humboldt
81461MATH 1530 DLL - DISTANCE3Introductory StatisticsMW12:30pm-1:45pmLEX 125Manley, Barbara15/20Lexington
82123MATH 1530 LX3 - DISTANCE3Introductory StatisticsW3:30pm-5:45pmLEX 141Manley, Barbara6/20Lexington
82621MATH 1530 PA3 - DISTANCE3Introductory StatisticsMW12:30pm-1:45pm4Manley, Barbara6/20Paris
82509MATH 1530 1st half of term TN eCampus3Introductory Statistics---Staff-
82507MATH 1530 TN eCampus3Introductory Statistics---Staff-
82460MATH 1530 SA4 - DISTANCE3Introductory StatisticsT6:00pm-8:45pmSAV 126Manley, Barbara18/20Savannah
82461MATH 1530 SA5 - DISTANCE3Introductory StatisticsW3:30pm-5:45pmSAV 113Manley, Barbara18/20Savannah
80599MATH 1630 02 3Finite MathematicsMW11:00am-12:15pmC 127Pride, Linda16/24Jackson
80260MATH 1630 50W - ONLINE3Finite Mathematics---Pride, Linda25/28-
82511MATH 1630 TN eCampus3Finite Mathematics---Staff-
80424MATH 1710 07W - ONLINE3Precalculus Algebra---Newman, Michael24/25-
82513MATH 1710 1st half of term TN eCampus3Precalculus Algebra---Staff-
82224MATH 1710 TN eCampus3Precalculus Algebra---White, Kimberly-
80526MATH 1720 01 3Precalculus TrigonometryMW12:30pm-1:45pmC 131ABritt, Tim16/24Jackson
82514MATH 1720 2nd half of term TN eCampus3Precalculus Trigonometry---Staff-
82206MATH 1720 TN eCampus3Precalculus Trigonometry---Staff-
80527MATH 1830 02 3Applied CalculusTR9:30am-10:45amC 127Li, Jialing18/25Jackson
82517MATH 1830 TN eCampus3Applied Calculus---Staff-
80897MATH 1910 01 4Calculus IMTWR11:00am-11:50amC 131ABritt, Tim16/28Jackson
82232MATH 1910 TN eCampus4Calculus I---Staff-