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Natural Sciences Classes


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The following is the approved list of General Education course for the Natural Sciences block. Please note that your degree program may require specific courses to satisfy this block. Please check with your advisor and refer to the catalog prior to registering.

CRN Rubric  Hours Title Days  Time Bldg/Room  Instr. Enrolled  Location
80098BIOL 1110 04 4General Biology IMW9:30am-10:45amSC 116Bryant, Lauren40/48Jackson
82926BIOL 1110 05W - ONLINE4General Biology I---Reaves, Jennifer22/25-
82927BIOL 1110 06W - ONLINE0Lab for BIOL 82926---Fisher, Audra22/25-
80102BIOL 1110 09 0Lab for BIOL 1110MW12:30pm-1:45pmSC 218Walker, Carrie13/24Jackson
80108BIOL 1110 16 4General Biology ITR12:30pm-1:45pmSC 116Watson, Kristi29/30Jackson
80111BIOL 1110 18 0Lab for BIOL 1110TR2:00pm-3:15pmSC 218Reaves, Jennifer12/24Jackson
80112BIOL 1110 20 4General Biology IR6:00pm-8:45pmSC 103Keeton, Jason5/24Jackson
80113BIOL 1110 21 0Lab for BIOL 1110T6:00pm-8:45pmSC 218Jeter, Benjamin6/24Jackson
83078BIOL 1110 LX2 4General Biology ITR9:30am-10:45amLEX 127Koons, John11/24Lexington
81698BIOL 1110 LX3 0Lab for BIOL 1110TR11:00am-12:15pmLEX 132Fisher, Audra11/24Lexington
81817BIOL 1110 PA1 4General Biology ITR8:00am-9:15am6Gallimore, Kevin3/10Paris
83518BIOL 1110 PR1 0Lab for BIOL 1110 CRN 81817MW8:00am-9:15am6Gallimore, Kevin3/10Paris
80427BIOL 1120 02 0Lab for BIOL 1120MW8:00am-9:15amSC 212Bailey, Claude9/16Jackson
81980BIOL 1120 03 0Lab for BIOL 1120MW11:00am-12:15pmSC 212Bailey, Claude14/16Jackson
83519BIOL 1120 03W - ONLINE4General Biology II---Bailey, Claude17/25-
80879BIOL 1120 04 4General Biology IIMW9:30am-10:45amSC 203Bailey, Claude23/24Jackson
83520BIOL 1120 04W - ONLINE0Lab for BIOL 1120 CRN83519---Fisher, Audra17/25-
83379BIOL 1510 01 4Environmental Science ITR9:30am-10:45amSC 104Ashbaugh, Nick8/20Jackson
83380BIOL 1510 02 0Lab for BIOL 1510 CRN83379TR11:00am-12:15pmSC 216Ashbaugh, Nick8/20Jackson
83127BIOL 1510 TN eCampus0Environmental Science I---Staff-
82467BIOL 1520 TN eCampus4Environmental Science II---Staff-
80139BIOL 2010 01 4Human Anatomy and Physiology IMW9:30am-10:45amSC 103Combs, Andrew24/25Jackson
80140BIOL 2010 02 0Lab for BIOL 2010MW2:00pm-3:15pmSC 216Ashbaugh, Nick22/24Jackson
83456BIOL 2010 03 1st half of term4Human Anatomy and Physiology IMTWR2:00pm-3:15pmSC 203Keeton, Jason7/20Jackson
82852BIOL 2010 03W - ONLINE4Human Anatomy and Physiology I---Keeton, Jason24/25-
80142BIOL 2010 05 0Lab for BIOL 2010MW9:30am-10:45amSC 216Watson, Kristi23/24Jackson
82898BIOL 2010 05W - ONLINE4Human Anatomy and Physiology I---Reaves, Jennifer20/25-
83459BIOL 2010 06 1st half of term0Lab for BIOL 2010 CRN 83456MTWR3:30pm-4:45pmSC 216Keeton, Jason7/20Jackson
82899BIOL 2010 06W - ONLINE0BIOL 2010 Lab for CRN 82898---Reaves, Jennifer20/25-
80143BIOL 2010 07 4Human Anatomy and Physiology IMW12:30pm-1:45pmSC 103Combs, Andrew23/25Jackson
83528BIOL 2010 16 4Human Anatomy and Physiology IMW11:00am-12:15pmSC 116Ashbaugh, Nick22/30Jackson
80369BIOL 2010 28 - FLEX4Human Anatomy and Physiology IM6:00pm-8:50pm-Kubicek, Charles10/24Jackson
80406BIOL 2010 30 0Lab for BIOL 2010W6:00pm-8:50pmSC 216Bastable, Lauren13/24Jackson
82854BIOL 2010 30W - ONLINE0BIOL 2010 Lab for CRN 82852---Keeton, Jason24/25-
82914BIOL 2010 33 0Lab for BIOL 2010MW12:30pm-1:45pmSC 216Jeter, Benjamin19/24Jackson
80174BIOL 2010 LX1 4Human Anatomy and Physiology ITR2:00pm-3:15pmLEX 127Koons, John20/24Lexington
80175BIOL 2010 LX2 0Lab for BIOL 2010TR12:30pm-1:45pmLEX 132Fisher, Audra20/24Lexington
83259BIOL 2010 PA1 4Human Anatomy and Physiology IMW9:30am-10:45am6Gallimore, Kevin17/20Paris
83260BIOL 2010 PA2 0Lab for BIOL 2010 83259MW11:00am-12:15pm6Gallimore, Kevin17/20Paris
82214BIOL 2010 1st half of term TN eCampus4Human Anatomy and Physiology I---Staff-
82228BIOL 2010 TN eCampus4Human Anatomy and Physiology I---Staff-
80163BIOL 2010 SA1 4Human Anatomy and Physiology IMW11:00am-12:15pmSAV 132AReaves, Jennifer19/24Savannah
80164BIOL 2010 SA3 0Lab for BIOL 2010MW9:30am-10:45amSAV 120Fisher, Audra19/24Savannah
83449BIOL 2020 01 4Human Anatomy Physiology IITR9:30am-10:45am6Gallimore, Kevin13/20Paris
80157BIOL 2020 03 0Lab for BIOL 2020TR8:00am-9:15amSC 212Jeter, Benjamin18/20Jackson
83453BIOL 2020 04 0Lab for BIOL 2020 CRN 83449TR11:00am-12:15pm6Gallimore, Kevin13/20Paris
80158BIOL 2020 05 4Human Anatomy Physiology IITR9:30am-10:45amSC 116Jeter, Benjamin40/45Jackson
83460BIOL 2020 08 2nd half of term4Human Anatomy Physiology IIMTWR2:00pm-3:15pmSC 203Keeton, Jason5/20Jackson
83461BIOL 2020 09 2nd half of term0Lab for BIOL 2020 CRN 83460MTWR3:30pm-4:45pmSC 216Keeton, Jason5/20Jackson
80161BIOL 2020 10 - FLEX4Human Anatomy Physiology IIT6:00pm-8:50pm-Kubicek, Charles7/20Jackson
82865BIOL 2020 10W - ONLINE4Human Anatomy Physiology II---Youngerman, Sara17/25-
80162BIOL 2020 11 0Lab for BIOL 2020M6:00pm-8:50pmSC 212Bastable, Lauren10/20Jackson
82215BIOL 2020 2nd half of term TN eCampus4Human Anatomy Physiology II---Staff-
82210BIOL 2020 TN eCampus4Human Anatomy Physiology II---Staff-
82866BIOL 2020 W10 - ONLINE0BIOL 2020 Lab for CRN 82865---Youngerman, Sara17/25-
80264CHEM 1110 03 0Lab for CHEM 1110T8:00am-10:45amSC 208Meek, Casey16/20Jackson
80265CHEM 1110 04 0Lab for CHEM 1110T12:30pm-3:15pmSC 208Meek, Casey13/20Jackson
80267CHEM 1110 06 0Lab for CHEM 1110M12:30pm-3:15pmSC 208Meek, Casey19/20Jackson
81904CHEM 1110 07 4General Chemistry ITR11:00am-12:15pmSC 104Kappel, Joseph18/30Jackson
82491CHEM 1110 TN eCampus4General Chemistry I---Staff-
80268CHEM 1120 01 4General Chemistry IIMW12:30pm-1:45pmSC 203Kappel, Joseph8/20Jackson
80269CHEM 1120 02 0Lab for CHEM 1120M8:00am-10:45amSC 208Meek, Casey8/20Jackson
83517PHYS 2010 03 0Lab for PHYS 2010 83043W9:00am-11:45amSC 107Meek, Casey4/20Jackson
83043PHYS 2010 04 4Non Calculus Physics IMW1:00pm-2:15pmSC 116Smith, Wesley44/60Jackson
83044PHYS 2010 05 0Lab for PHYS 2010 Lab 83043M2:30pm-4:45pmSC 107Smith, Wesley19/20Jackson
82536PHYS 2010 TN eCampus4Non Calculus Physics I---Staff-
82538PHYS 2020 TN eCampus4Non Calculus Physics II---Staff-
83510PHYS 2110 01 4Calculus Based Physics ITR8:00am-9:15amSC 107Smith, Wesley6/20Jackson
83511PHYS 2110 02 0Lab for PHYS 2110T2:30pm-4:45pmSC 107Smith, Wesley8/20Jackson
83512PHYS 2110 03 - FLEX4Calculus Based Physics ITR8:00am-9:15am-Smith, Wesley2/20Jackson
82540PHYS 2110 TN eCampus4Calculus Based Physics I---Staff-
82545PHYS 2120 TN eCampus4Calculus Based Physics II---Staff-
83530PSCI 1010 05W - ONLINE4Principles of Physical Science---Smith, Wesley25/30-
82212PSCI 1010 TN eCampus4Principles of Physical Science---Staff-
82225PSCI 1020 TN eCampus4Principles of Earth/Space---Staff-